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Rat Life Radio brings you the forgotten music, the biggest hits and top secret recordings from all corners of the universe. This time Credit 00 goes hand in hand with punkish editing duo Ólta Karawane for a free-diving excursion into the very odd.

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Athens’ Noff Weezy is back for a slow-cooked selection of urban ritual experiments preceding a psyched-out guest mix by Vector Trancer.


Artwork: William Schmitt

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Stream back The Pilotwings’ Pénequet featuring Jonquera playing trance not trance, ambient & exotica, then Martín going delayed reggeaton via LFO, Simo Cell, Don Omar and many more.

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Alexis showcasing his monthly digs, mostly newly released, some promos, reissues and exclusive edits by the man himself.

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