ARCHIVES soul-jazz





An exploration of Clémentine’s personal record collection : This time a special selecta from mellow rock to soul-jazz, boogie and more.

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Deadurban aka PLK78 est l’invité de mai chez Pom Pom Gali, itinérant entre boite à sample groove 70’s, hip-hop puis rap français. Via In Mition Collective, Gravediggaz, The Criminal Minds et plus encore.

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Listen back to Lorem Ipsum session. Originally promoting parties in Grenoble, they are now running a label, with a Hycentto Junior compilation as first release. Franck Télécom, from the group, plays here an hour of funk, house, japanese soul and disco.

Listen back to Lyon Sofa Record Shop’s monthly selection of African Boogie, Soul, West-Indies gems and more, featuring tracks from Exile House, Carl Carlton, Helio Matheus and more.

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