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Patrice Curtillat aka Bill Vortex, Poborsk, in the studio for one hour of diverse crunching electronics. Restless producer exploring the boundaries between electronica, hip-hop, break beat and edgy rythmics, Patrice has released an impressive number of pieces under his alias Poborsk. More recently, as Bill Vortex, he joined the Paris-based label Serendip to put out his brilliant Musiques Imaginogènes Volume 1. With tracks from Haruomi Hosono & Tadanori Yokoo, Philippe Guerre, Jacky Giordano, Tusco, Teddy Lasry, Lee Perry & Mad Professor, Mossman, Unit Moebius, Automatic Tasty, Bill Vortex, Metamatics, Jake Mandell, MNLTH, Jodey Kendrick.

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