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Lakamha’ & B’aakal: SVVENIR N°19 is a soundtrack of how it made me feel to walk through the ancient ruins of Palenque; city-state of the Mayas for many centuries. Left speechless by their myths of rituals, beliefs, conjurations and brutality, as well as eye-witnessing a glimpse of their artworks, glyphs and architecture, I wanted to capture an intimate sonic tribute to one of the most striking high cultures of this planet. Tracks are accompanied by various field sounds recorded in Palenque and its lush jungle surroundings.

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We welcome DJ Brom aka FRANCE ’98 on our stream for some contemporary dub / dancehall action with classic downtempo & dnb… cool tracks to create some tempo, rhythm and time shifts.
“I’m always interested in combining music that came out recently & has a modern digital aesthetic with analogue sounds.”

Following the last remainders of slow-mo trance and post-rave ambient shenanigans, Alexis turns it over on the head and delivers some alternative cosmic sounds.
Still staying true to his sonic aesthetics, this show is much more routed in the present future than in the future past, showcasing most of now and some of then!

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Stream back to the drunk soliloquies of Oto Disques’s owners and Bordeaux-based Superlate and Theorama. The two musical heads got tipsy in the mix, and combined sick industrial melodies, ritualistic dub, downtempo heaviness and furious post-punk…

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Listen to Katzele, half of Malka Tuti records, delivering his favorite records… no boundaries existing in this one.

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