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Journey Home is an anthology of some unusual pieces produced by the Electronic Wizard : Patrick Cowley.
Considered as the precursor of the San Francisco Disco Hi-NRG scene from the 70s, Cowley has been recently brought back to light by Dark Entries Records reissuing most of his obscure treasures :
From his experimental work with the Electronic Music Lab to the mesmerizing porno gay movie soundtrack, or his collaborations with Jorge Socarras, Candida Royalle as well as his proto-new wave band Indoor Life and more…

Julien Bécourt aka Eva Revox invite Ben Russell – American artist and experimental filmmaker. A conversation about ethnography, documentary, psychedelia, and Ben’s ongoing exhibition “La montagne Invisible” at Le Plateau Paris.

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Réécoutez le passage sur nos antennes de Pierre Rousseau & Aurélien Arbet, entre library music, ambient psychedelic, electronica, electro-acoustic, avec notamment Haruomi Hosono, Terry Riley, New Sound Illustration, Yoichiro Yoshikawa…

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