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Italo-obsessed Hysteric in the studio along Macadam Mambo's Guillaume des Bois before both hit Le Terminal for a Boulevard party...

Ding Ding! special with local host Sacha Mambo and german guest Nixxon... sweet!

A japanese breeze invading the studio: Macadam Mambo's Mori-Ra in session with his private collection of dubplates and fantastic japanese records.

Second Ding Ding! orchestrated by Macadam Mambo's half Sacha, introducing the delightful Golden Pudel's resident, Phuong Dan, for an astonishing two-hours back to back.

That Place in da shake junt for our fourteenth conciliabule, with MZKBX (aka Sacha Mambo), Juliano, and Visitors For Reworks.

Seventh meeting during Les Nuits Sonores festival, with Antinote crew coming around (Low Jack, Zaltan & Geena) along with Sacha Mambo and Albion, celebrating his new release (Pyramids) freshly issued on Macadam Mambo.

Sacha Mambo bringing to the studio talented producer and deejay Tolouse Low Trax — strongly tied with Dusseldorf’s Salon des Amateurs — for his Ding Ding! party at the Terminal Club.

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