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Dariev retrouve notre studio et poursuit sa résidence “Ubik’s Cube”, ce mois-ci avec une sélection hautement éclectique, se baladant entre new-wave, pop et diverses instrumentations produites par Ryuichi Sakamoto, Jun Togawa, Lena Platonos et plus.

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Une heure avec graal, bosse du label Le Cabanon, à la croisée de ses activités musicales, prochaines sorties, et groupes fétiches, tels Yvanko, Les Modernos (du crew URSS), CF (Gravats/Raide/Drago Du Poitou).

An eclectic selection from the Light On Earth bunch, Sentiments, Vivance & Emen playing pop-reggae, erotica, instrumental dance hall via Zoe Sinatra, JC Lodge, Samantha & more.

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Stream back to Portuguse duo GAM taking care of the first hour of the ride, followed by the pieace ÁGUA AO MOINHO, a collection of beats/sketches/edits by Polido.
Picking up pieces from some of his favourite figures from the 70s, words on the class struggle, the revolution and the war in that time and F16’s occupying the skies near his home and other places.

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Stream back to Coni’s musical excursion, via some Japanese composers, industrial pionners and emotional instrumental bands…

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