ARCHIVES folk-rock





Belec was in our Parisian studio navigating from his newest finds between folk, progressive rock, experimental and more

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FOND/Sound eternal digger Diego Olivas is back with another episode, entitled “Poems Of The Five Mountains” featuring songs inspired by, and crafted with, early ’80s keyboard samplers like the Fairlight CMI, Synclavier, and E-MU Emulator. Although, the created with early, modern ideas of time-stretching, on now dated technology there’s something in them that’s emotionally timeless. It’s forward-thinking nostalgia via fragmented, spliced-together memories.

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We’re having Braille Satellite Festival co-founder and thirsty, thirsty digger Oscar der Winzige on the stream for a mix of blues rock, weird folk, broken synth-pop and more twisted tune, entitled “MIS AMIGOS SON GUAYS, PERO A VECES UN POCO CABRONES TAMBIEN”.

Crème Organization’s boss DJ TLR returns with a selection of classical, psychedelic, blues and folk rock from Black Sabbath, Sister Irene O’Connor, Adrian Belew and more.

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