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For this one-off sesh, we welcome a mix of, DJ REAL aka musician, writer and photographer Cristiano Feleppa Grimaldi based in New York. This one hour mix, named “Cruel dreams burn my heart with fear, pain by all means.”, is influenced by the Theatre of Cruelty of Antonin Artaud as a revolt against meaning and language. The approach destroys the standard rules with the intent to free the disc jockey by the technique and the genres: a transcendantal experience that wakes up nerves and hearts of the audience.

Minou Oram passes the control of this episode to Mae Sme for a one hour spiritual selection.
“A sound collage from Neretva Delta Swamp, over Rosenhuegl to Intrinsic SME Live. This particular sound journey will take you into the world of ambient soundscapes.
You’ ll hear few recordings of mine mixed with a blend of my favorite artists.

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Special edition Of Geograficamente Perto entitled “Body of Light”: Pedro and Valdemar welcome Primordial OOze, member of independent collective and record label Communion, and activist in Macao, the new center of art, culture and research in Milan. This has been considered one of the most vital recent experiences of counter-culture in Europe, raised by the efforts of different groups and individuals keeping alive the fire of resistance in these darkened times.

Saturnalia is a collective gathering happening once a year through Macao’s freed spaces, joining the local forces of spiritual insurrection and reconnecting psychic explorers from all four corners of the world.
This mix takes inspiration from the alpha and the omega phase of the experience, mixing memory and desire in liquid crystals of time. Some of the tracks were edited, processed and pitched at different speeds, others were left almost untouched. The mix was recorded and edited in Macao production studio.

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For his last show of the season, Alexis invites Phuong Dan to create a mix with him at home as it was not possible to reach the studio in time for this one.
Recorded exclusively with vinyl from the Le-Tan vaults, the pair take you on a journey where esotericism meets tribalism and ritual chants.

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Last Mori To Kiroku No Ongaku of the season, still with Tomoyuki Fuji focusing this time on Japanese composer Masahiro Sugaya for the second hour.

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Stream back Morozov’s trip into 80’s dark ambient, tribal and experimental soundscapes, featuring tracks from Vox Populi!, Zoviet France, Current 93, 23 Skidoo and more.

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