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Le 14ème épisode du Feng Shit s’invite en Autriche en compagnie d’Andrea Ida. Lorsqu’elle ne consacre pas son temps à la scène viennoise, Andrea aime partager sa musique ses trouvailles dans un environnement non-dansant. Avec une telle approche, l’univers de la diggeuse viennoise nous a conquis, et il en découle un mix pointu alliant abstract, field recording et dream pop, entre autres.

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Apocalypse spiritual porn is a miscellaneous sound collage: Apocalypse Now audio frames, spiritual guru’s lectures and human orgasmic sounds mixed with experimental music and original refixes by Matteo Bertini.
Matteo Bertini is an Italian artist and sound producer based in Milan. He has been co-founder of Gioconda Radio, an eclectic independent web radio. Now he’s working on Miscellaneous, his first EP, and experimenting with Lucien collective, co-founded by him, around sound and other disciplines.

Ediçoes CN’s intern Simon Van Honacker takes over the monthly Edições CN. He dreamt up a mix of “jonge ouders en hun kids” (recorded in Planckendael), Kempense made-up folklore (Pompoenregatta), and various musics new and old. It’s beautiful.

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Stream back this “Rester chic quand il fait chaud” mix from Manu Archeo with soft electronics and dream balearic tracks from Deep Forest, The Art Of Noise, Hear & Now and many more.

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