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1731, Fribourg, a city in Switzerland near by the mountains. A presumed witch is burned on a stake. Her name is Catherine Repond who used to be called « Catillon ». Before that, she was subjected to torture to obtain confessions to condemn her. She was first hung by the arms with a rope and weights of 25 and 50 kilos were attached to the legs. Catillon was the last victim of popular superstitions. Witchcraft trials were a good way to kill someone who did not fit; whatever the reason. Patriarchy used witches to justify inexplicable local phenomena and mostly to put their hands on social domination and kill women who knew to much. This is my musical tribute to the last witch of Fribourg.

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We’re having Braille Satellite Festival co-founder and thirsty, thirsty digger Oscar der Winzige on the stream for a mix of blues rock, weird folk, broken synth-pop and more twisted tune, entitled “MIS AMIGOS SON GUAYS, PERO A VECES UN POCO CABRONES TAMBIEN”.

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