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HAJJ’s invite l’artiste française electro acoustique moro ninja pour cet épisode de Souffrance FM.

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Hajj welcomes Lastrack for a one-hour musical narration of survival in a world plagued by a mysterious disease turning humans into flesh bag, stripped of any conscience, walking aimlessly to spread the infection, coughing and spitting. The ground is slowly turning into living bio-tissues, carrying more of the deadly micro-organisms. It feels like this new virus is sentient, having something in mind, a grievance against humanity and more importantly, a goal …

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Aeon Shaker and Turbo Miffy gathered in the studio last minute for an hour of contemporary action going bonkers.

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Finally returning to my Pu$$y Nightmare space after a little break, and happy to share the show with Jasmin: half Dutch – half Argentinian DJ based in Amsterdam. She hosts her own show on Red Light Radio, Petting Dogs, and another show on Utrecht’s Stranded FM. Besides djing she works within club culture and writes about music for various platforms, using her Gender Studies background as a framework.

Here are the words she shared with us
“As it’s the end of the year I’ve been thinking about my favourite releases of the past year; Loraine James on Hyperdub, Yu Su and upsammy’s album, rRoxymore, Shanti Celeste, Laurel Halo’s DJ Kicks, everything by DJ Haram… This was a good year for sick tunes! A lot of them are in here, all made by amazing producers and some (older) favourites added in between.”

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