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October’s RADIO RITUEL show comes from TowLie. TowLie is a dj, producer, käfTen record Label, executive and club pRomoter from old cold Stockholm, Sweden.

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New season of RADIO RITUEL show we start with music by hosters – its a tradition already. Have a good journey with a sounds by Blackmoon77.

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Malka Tuti’s boss Katzele returns to our waves with the first Almost Exotic episode of the season, playing some of his fav contemporary electronics, and a selection from the label.

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Ongo Gablogian’s Radiocaesium Meltdown is a mix inspired by the intense eerieness and sadness of the disaster at Chernobyl.
“It’s a collage of sounds to illustrate my imagination of the silent, invisible, metallic-tasting anxiety of ionising radiation.”

Ongo Gablogian is a science fiction filmmaker trapped in the body of a DJ from Bristol. Inspired by Kubrick and much as Ivkovic, Ongo aims to layer textures and soundscapes to create vivid worlds for the listener to immerse in and explore. In the timeless words of Super Hans, “Get ready to open the hurt locker and have a big old rummage around.”

Our RADIO RITUEL guest for June is Andria. Andria is a DJ and producer from Belgrade whose work got international praise with the first YES release. Andria’s sets are super contemporary and from a more experimental corner reached out to a club-wise fully functional zone.

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Tunnel Détente invite Patrick Vidal du groupe de no wave 80 Marie Et Les Garçons pour une heure de post-punk, cold electronics, au gré de quelques mots échangés entre Alex La Foudre et son invité.

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