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Curators and creators from London to Chicago via Lagos and Paris featuring EMAENUEL and ALEX B on PLEASE DON’T GOA with themes of resistance and angst coming through this show. The connections with these dear friends have both been through the RHYTHM MACHINE universe, which has activated ongoing and probably never-ending discussion about the joys, histories, limitations, disappointments, hopes and futures of the dance-floor as an ‘eco-system’. Resistance and frustration has foregrounded a lot of this discussions, where we’ve all acknowledged the exploitative path that dance culture and it’s supporting industries are veering towards and EMAENUEL and ALEX B have pushed up against that change in their work as sound artists, curators producers and DJs. We’ve all been lucky to be involved in RHYTHM MACHINE where in the roles we’ve all undertaken there have attempted to re-instate a lost ethos back into night club culture that it has suppressed from itself for the last decade. It has had it’s political edges hacked off and been sterilised of it’s multifacetedness. EMAENUEL’s part is a brand new collection of his most recent productions that rides across the most lucid parameters of techno, that sidesteps the exhausted ‘genre interrogation’ trope and instead foregrounds the most beloved properties of Techno and explodes them. This is a really exciting premier of his new work contributing to his already amazing and hefty musical portfolio and ahead of an upcoming release which I cannot wait for. I cannot implore you enough to keep your ears and feet to the ground for it. ALEX B’s curatorial voice naturally bleeds into their DJ one. On numerous occasions they’ve discovered what are now Rhythm Machine classics; sleazy Madonna Remixes, Portuguese Gina X covers and re-introduced Frankie Knuckles’s Bad Boy back to the canon. They’ve brought the intense, the playful and ethereal in this contribution, which rightly captures the allure of a great club experience. I’m super proud to be sharing their world premier on radio on PLEASE DON’T GOA and miss them dearly. There’s already several tracks in this mix that will end up in the digital bag for this month’s Rhythm Machine. I’m really grateful to be sharing this show on LYL as it has captured a brief but vivid snapshot of the Rhythm Machine experience and family, which has offered so much more than just a party. It has enthusiastically promoted self expression, encouraged emotional delicacy and expanded cultural capital for so many people. Big shoutout to WILLIAM FRANCIS aka ABOVE A SLEEPING CITY aka the better half of Rhythm Machine!

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Dive into you inner self. Experience DJ Tera Octe live set at Qlimax.
For the 2017 edition, Qlimax unveiled a secret guest to the Hardstyle community. DJ Tera Octe’s rawphoric science and his allegiance to the roots of Hardstyle made him a serious contender for the set of the year. A LYL Radio exclusive!

«In a world of conflict, the human beings are struggling with soundcloud copyrights. The anger flows through all of us, resonating with every fiber in our body. Gathering from the whole galaxy, we unite under a common banner: LYL Radio. Can you feel our suffering deep inside? Beware of the kick de chien.»
 DJ Tera Octe, 2017

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