Expérience d’écoute mélodieuse guidée par Charlotte Atomi à l’occasion d’un Salon des Amateurs Parisien. Valeur sûr du label Tigersushi, Charlotte est également une habituée du Salon allemand entre sélection atypique et musiques déviantes.

This recording should have been made elsewhere.
Due to a forgotten passport Raheem settled for an older mix,
Waiting over five years for the right place.
Ethereal planes in which different universes collide
Bringing the passenger somewhere faster than expected.
What was once old is now new.
A philosophy that shouldn’t be overlooked,
Whether one stays true to ones self or doesn’t.
The journey hasn’t just begun,
It will carry on forever.

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Live with the Berlin-based duo for two hours of ample deviations on and around house, dub and techno.

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