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The ‘Half Rice, Half Chips’Guv’nor Tribute Mix.

It matters not how you remember The Guv’nor. It might be from his frizzy youthful days of plenty in the late Eighties to Mid-Nineties, or maybe it was from his Messianic later phase, all Statesmanship and incense. No, what matters is that you Remember-in whatever way you must – the ultimate underground spirit of enthusiasm, effortless change and prolific output that our squiffy music scene has ever known.

‘Always looking forward with a cheeky eye on the past.’This pitch perfect mantra I have come to realise – one of Weatherall’s many – goes some way to encompassing my dappled friendship with Alexis Le-Tan. Our invincible years in dusty electronic fields with liquid sunshine minds gave way to fallow times only to see a recent and permanent resurgence, these new found ALTC years, inspired by our love for the delights of the past, the possibilities ahead and the glorious mud in-between.

Lord Sabre brought us back together –or at least a flyer of his did. He brought many people together and kept them together, and his Sabresonic output will continue to do so. On hearing of his passing, we both squirreled in to a creative vortex of Weatherall (re)discovery, it was a period we’ll never forget, driven by the emptiness of loss, a desire to learn but most purely, an excitement to listen. This was our time to marvel & salute.

Following a plague of electronic knocks with a previous tribute mix, Alexis asked me aboard and we have created this–a ‘Mix of two halves’, One side his and one side mine, Half and half, offering a passing nod to one of his finest remixes in the process. To try and do justice to such a Titan in a matter of hours is surely a folly, but to allow only his finest remixes in the process. To try and do justice to such a Titan in a matter of hours is surely a folly, but to allow only his output to take you somewhere spontaneous and personal for such a window of time was a pleasure. We hope you enjoy it.

Alexis Le-Tan & Tom Colebrook,March 2020. (ALTC)

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X-Ostracism episode IV celebrates the harnessing of power, strength and mysteries associated with notions of femininity. The fractures are deepening with guest mixstress Vani-T joining Noff Weezy in the 2nd hour, aiming straight toward your sacral chakra. 

Tori Newberry aka Vani-T is a DJ, musician and experimental video artist also known as Innocent Heretic. She is one half of Pillow Queen and the co-creator of femme forward party CLIMAX focusing on the pursuit of pleasure, consensual chaos and the search for truth in all musical forms, playing with the inner realm of fantasy, desire, past and present. Forever unearthing, her work seeks to induce a kind of layered reality. The warped textures in sound and imagery captured by her lens and ear casts a chaotic gaze upon female sexuality, history, unconsciousness & survival.

Artwork by Jenny Grant

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Clémentine is back on the stream for two hours. This month, she brought an eclectic selection from jazz-funk to broken beat. Featuring music from Gin Tonic Orchestra, Dego & Kaidi, Camarão Orchestra, Nu Guinea, Rah Band & more.

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