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For this month’s episode, OKO DJ welcomes DJ Bus Replacement Service on PU$$Y NIGHTMARE: get sweaty for their 2H sports-themed mix, from ultra strange and so-bad-it’s-good sports related tunes, to sports video game OSTs, Christian aerobics, Karatechno and +++.

Here are some of Bus Replacement Service’s own words about the mix:
“I enjoy finding themes & patterns in tracks to tie together, and I particularly like using the opportunity with pre-recorded mixes to do it around one larger theme. I don’t think I’ve made a sports-themed mix before, which is surprising since it’s a rich vein for finding strange and ill-conceived musical combinations/quick cash-in projects.
Among the many terrible selections, my highlights include the laughable-but-loveable garbage of Wrestlemania: The Album, which was produced by 2/3 of 80-90s pop factory Stock Aiken Waterman AND Simon Cowell. Clearly, WWF thought the production team could help the wrestlers bring out their inner Kylie & Jason.
That’s not to say every track in my mix is so-bad-it’s-good…the last track on this mix is possibly one of the most beautiful songs about sumo wrestling, capturing the era when Hawaiians finally reached the top of sport in the 1990s. As a fan of professional sumo, I was lucky I came across this song purely by chance at a restaurant in Maui many years ago.”

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