Noff WeezyBimestrialFridays12PM - 2PM

From the outskirts of Athens, Noff Weezy and guests delve into the realms of new world electronica through trips, beats and breaks.

Noff Weezy is going hand in hand with long time partner in crime Palmer for this season’s X-Ostracism finale. Strap in for a two hour long liquid odyssey through percussive jams and other downtempo bullets.

Art: Antwan Horfee, “Plant Me”, 2010, Acrylic on canvas.

X-Ostracism episode IV celebrates the harnessing of power, strength and mysteries associated with notions of femininity. The fractures are deepening with guest mixstress Vani-T joining Noff Weezy in the 2nd hour, aiming straight toward your sacral chakra. 

Tori Newberry aka Vani-T is a DJ, musician and experimental video artist also known as Innocent Heretic. She is one half of Pillow Queen and the co-creator of femme forward party CLIMAX focusing on the pursuit of pleasure, consensual chaos and the search for truth in all musical forms, playing with the inner realm of fantasy, desire, past and present. Forever unearthing, her work seeks to induce a kind of layered reality. The warped textures in sound and imagery captured by her lens and ear casts a chaotic gaze upon female sexuality, history, unconsciousness & survival.

Artwork by Jenny Grant

Noff Weezy is back in the mix with further urban ostracised myths. Hand in hand with sister in crime and athenian artist Anastasia Pavlou, playing music she makes pictures to. Tune back into two hours of turmoil with attitude featuring all sorts of breaks, dub, noise, emo and modern folklore.

Athens’ Noff Weezy is back for a slow-cooked selection of urban ritual experiments preceding a psyched-out guest mix by Vector Trancer.


Artwork: William Schmitt

Noff Weezy is in the house for the first edition of “X-Ostracism”, her new bimestrial show here, delivering an hour and a half of diversified electronics, tranquil-to-ravy, followed by a live guest workout from Turbo Teeth of Untitled-1 records blasting his own deca-dance vignettes & fast tempo sliding cut-up rhythms.

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