OfficiumBimestrialWednesdays2PM - 3PM

Officium tisse un paysage sonore oscillant entre experimentation sonore deviante et fiction.

Officium invies Clarice Calvo-Pinsolle, a visual and sound artist whose work oscillates between sculptural installation and sound practice, interested in the transmission and preservation of memory through sound and the art of sound manipulation.
They explore together her fields of research through theories on control societies, reflections on the soundscape and their relation to industrial music. This program is augmented by non-musical sounds such as archives of control tools or non-lethal weapons, experiments carried out together notably on binaural sounds and Clarice’s sound pieces, one of which was originally composed for these sculptures.

For his show zero, Officium explores the world of Valentin Noiret. Adventurous producer, multi-instrumentalist, Valentin sets up strictly DIY itinerant studios where he lets the madness and beauty of amateurism unfold. This program compiles sound pieces he recorded on magnetic band, sessions under various substances, reference pieces by other artists and musical moments we made together at the NGHE media library (Molenbeek, Brussels) where his studio is currently installed, but also in our old house before we got kicked out. Just like his tapes label “Grammaire Vacante”, this show is an archive, an ode to trippy improvised music.

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