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Listen to Periodica Records' Manny Whodamanny and his guests, all traveling to cosmic synths, hard funk and other electronic delights.

Listen back to Napoli’s wonderboy Manny Whodamanny, delivering one hour of caldo boogie, italo-disco and more grooves.

Listen to Manny Whodamanny’s “Radio Mimosa” transmission, featuring one hour of disco, boogie and exuberant synth-pop..

Listen to Periodica Records’ Manny Whodamanny and his guests, all traveling to cosmic synths, hard funk and other electronic delights.

Manny Whodamanny is back on air for another season of musical adventures to be heard now under the name of “Radio Mimosa” (RIP Whodamix), here with sixty minutes of disco, boogie and blissful synth-pop.

Manny Whodamanny introduces Christian Kalcic & Epsilove for the last Whodamix of the season, offering two hours of weird disco, electro, synth-pop and downtempo grooves through these two wicked artists.

Napoli’s wonderboy Manny Whodamanny is back on air, riding solo for this new two-hours session, meandering through synth-pop, cosmic boogie, disco and more electro, sunny cuts.

Periodica Records co-creator Manny Whodamanny returns to our station with another episode of the Whodamix show, involving percussionist and german producer Niklas Wandt for the second hour, for the most varied session, jumping from hip-hop to synth-pop to jazz and more.

Wonderboy Manny Whodamanny from Napoli is back on air with another episode of “Whodamix”, providing with the warmest soundscapes, oscillating between ambient, disco, synth-pop and vocal trips.

Napoli’s wonderboy Manny Whodamanny is back with another episode of the monthly “Whodamix”, with brother-in-crime Matsuda for the first hour, doubling the pleasure of this synthy, electro session.

Napoli’s Manny Whodamanny returns with a new session of “Whodamix”, introducing Classic Works records co-founder Cardopusher for the second hour, while taking care of the first part with a selection of new-wave and disco-ish records.

Periodica Records honcho and Napoli’s wonderboy Manny Whodamanny is back on our airwaves with Seb Jay as a guest for the second hour.. Stream the whole thing here, and expect the cosmic boogie forces to take you over.

Periodica Records co-founder and Mystic Jungle Tribe member Manny Whodamanny returns to his sessions, here with two hours of joyful disco, deviant funk and italo-electro.

Whodammany back at it with Early Sounds collaborator Joseph Russell as his guest for the second hour smashing together dub, disco and exotica.

Listen back to Manny Whodamanny and guest Fabrizio Mammarella selecting funk, electro, breaks and more cuts for two hours of ample oscillations through electronic music.

Napoli’s Manny Whodamanny is back on our airwaves with a shared broadcast bring selector Mario Ruggerio for the second hour.

Écoutez un nouvel épisode de Whodamix avec le co-fondateur de Periodica Records et membre de la Mystic Jungle Tribe Manny Whodamanny, entre new-wave, synth-pop et leftfield disco..

Manny Whodamanny is back with a wicked selection of 80s minimal synth and home-made Casio jams, while his guest Simon Tappenden aka OURRA takes care of the second hour with a sun-bathed funk and boogie mix.

Listen back to Manny Whodamanny & Ferdinando playing electro and boogie stuff from The Tubes, Riccardo Schiro, Tony Esposito and more.

Periodica Records’ Manny Whodamanny is back on our airwaves, delivering various electronic goods for the first hour and handing over L.A.-based Origin Jeremy, from the Origin People label the second hour for an even more cosmic session.

Periodica Records’ Manny Whodamanny back at it with special guest Linkwood from Firecracker, for two hours of laid-back electronics and exotica.

Periodica’s Manny Whodamanny invites french digger Vincent Privat for the first part, and Garage Brothers for the second, for the broadest session ever.

Listen back to Manny Whodamanny’s special episode focused on Periodica Records. This one thus features exclusively past and forthcoming releases from the imprint, always serving the most cosmic objective.

Listen back to Periodica Records founder Manny Whodamanny monthly show, featuring two guest appearances from Modula & Lorenzo Fortino going from paranoid atsmospheres to hi-nrg dance..

Listen back to Naples’ Samuele Pagliai & Pascal Viscardi playing smooth reggae, island vibes.

Periodica records founder Whodamanny shares his two hours with Alter D and Roberto Bosco for a smooth session of ambient, “psy-chill” and electro-funk.

Periodica Records founder Manny brings you Lamusa II and Milord as a co-hosts for these two brand new hours of funk, cosmic, electronic trip.

Napoli-based producer Whodamanny’s monthly trip!

Manny and his Tribe from Napoli taking care of these two hours, the “NAPOLISOUND” is here…

Napoli’s Manny Whodamanny, co-founder of Periodica Records and Early Sounds Recordings activist pairing with guests to develop his aesthetics of funk-to-cosmic music…

Special episode of Manny Whodamanny’s show, with Napoli’s freshest record shop Futuribile, owned by one of the Early Sounds Recordings creator Dario di Pace. Selection from the shop’s stocks, mixed by the Tribe, for your earing pleasure.

Periodica Records’ Manny Whodamanny’s fifth episode with Luca Presence Carini aka Cpt. William Bones, Gianluca Morelli aka The Duke & 291out present The “Mith of Bellerofonte” a sonorous tale between the prog of antàn and the new frontiers of the Italian underground and Mrs. Enrica Borsatto aka Sandra Mason…

Early Sounds Recordings and Periodica Records core member Whodamanny try to channel his loaded and twisted mind. Probably the funniest show you’ll ever hear.


UMBERTO – Boston
NURSE WITH WOUND – Two Golden Microphones
RAINFOREST SPIRITUAL ENSLAVEMENT – They Found This Stone Was Too Hard To Break Up So They Put It On a Truck
MONOMORPH – Particlexia
MOON WIRING CLUB – Tricky Transmission
BOP – Cellar’s Theory
JIM O’ROURKE – Let’s Take Again From The Top
291 OUT – Fluxus
TUXEDOMOON – (Special Treatment For The) Family Man
BOP – Il Sogno Di Mila (No Bass Version)
BOP SINGPLAYER – Radio Dusty Van


VISCARDI – Il Ponte e La Tovaglia
TOMMY AWARDS – Mike Sierra Foxtrot
The Mystic Jungle Tribe – Pandora’s Dream (Oceanic Version)
THE NORMALMEN – The Liquid Side of Plants
MODULA – Notturno (A Musical Journey)
MINIMAL AFRIKA – Capasa (Whodamanny “Controspazio” Version)
LAMUSA II – Agua Planet
VISCARDI – La Scogliera degli Amanti


LOTO RETINA – Forme 5 feat. Frere Tuck
MUSIQUE CHIENNE – Cocktail de Voix
PHOCHOS – Nivôse
LAMELLEN – 7kwartsding (Upcoming)
PIYOJO – E (track from upcomming tape on stenze quo)

Napoli’s Manny Whodammany, co-founder of Periodica Records and Early Sounds Recordings activist pairing with guests to develop his suave aesthetics of funk-to-cosmic music.

Early Sounds Recordings’ activist and Periodica label founder Manny Whodamanny’s monthly show, here with guest mixes from Roma’s Filippo Zenna and Quiroga…

Napoli’s Manny Whodammany, co-founder of Periodica Records and Early Sounds Recordings activist pairing with guests to develop his suave aesthetics of funk-to-cosmic music… with Piero Umiliani, Ron Hardy, Lenny White, Womack & Womack, Marcio Montarroyos, 291out, Easy Going, The Pasadenas, Level42, Chick Corea, Whodamanny, Manfred Schoof, Laurent & Voindroit, Krishnanda, Piyojo, The Normalmen, Black Jazz Chronicles, Kenlou, Ciro…

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