Pierre Rousseau et Aurélien ArbetBimonthlyTuesdays4PM - 5PM

During 'Wave Form', Pierre Rousseau and Aurélien Arbet explore an interpolation of various recordings and formats, often at the margins of traditional records and conventional styles of music. During an hour, a long oscillation is formed out of a selection of interviews, spoken word, poetry, music for dance or art, and various field recordings. Pierre Rousseau is a composer and producer, crafting electronic sound for pop music, film, and experimental projects. Aurélien Arbet is an art director and photographer, co-founder of the clothing brand and publishing house Études.

Listen back to Wave Form with a selection by Pierre Rousseau et Aurélien Arbet leading a 1 hour trip to unexpected places through some Musique Concrète, Avant Garde, Contemporary and more

Listen to the latest episode of ‘Wave Form’, from Pierre Rousseau and Aurélien Arbet exploring an interpolation of experimental, ambient and contemporary music

réécoutez l’épisode 3 de Wave Form l’émission de Pierre Rousseau et Aurélien Arbet pour une selection expérimental, ambient et de musique contemporaine

Wave Form with Pierre Rousseau et Aurélien Arbet are sharing an hour with their selection of library music, cinematic, collage auditory.

Une heure de navigation entre ambiant, discours et collage musicaux pour la première émission de Pierre Rousseau et Aurélien Arbet: Wave Form

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