Vlek Family BimestrialWednesdays1PM - 2PM

Vlek is Brussels’ patois for Junk. Cheap goods. For things that just fall apart as soon as you hold’ em. The name is testament to our willingness in creating just the opposite.

The first part is crafted by &apos. It contains just some bits and pieces straight from his lab! Please, think digital.
&apos will release a limited edition USB stick on Vlek this September.

The second part is a selection made by David Jarrin. David is one half of Sage Alyte, the band he forms with Roxane Métayer. The duo, violin and banjo (+ some percussion and a tiny Casio synth), will release their first LP on Vlek this fall.
Influences and some unreleased tracks for David’s selection.

Enjoy the journey made by the artists behind VLEKD33 and Vlek32.

Pour leur show 0, le label bruxellois Vlek nous offre une heure de ses dernières sorties.

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