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Established tastemaker and music-curio invites you to discover his twisted mind: a journey on the other side of the dancefloor or elsewhere...

“The end of the season is similar to those last days of school or when your summer holidays are coming to an end. Trying to make up for everything you could have done before it is too late, cramming in all the best you can in the small amount of time you have left. There is always a lot to learn from focusing on the past, however when you are living in the now it is vital to not lose site of what is happening in the present. We are here to push things forward and build a better future, hopefully these sounds from today will help you along the way. “

Extract from an imaginary rêve, soundtracked by a more upbeat progressive groove… Kicking the dust from the shelves, not the floor as the music creates a certain tension and vibration in the room. After hearing the needle on the record these words came to mind:

Time is drifting to the other side as the weeks go by.
Uncertain future still remains, when will we next fly?
Piecing the puzzle of life together, things are no longer the same.
People wanting to dance forever, not possible, who is to blame?
The gatherings that once were, so far no longer be.
Bringing souls in movement wherever, in our dreams perpetually.
The pace is slightly higher but the intentions still remain,
Patience is a virtue that shall be cherished all the same.

Who needs a tracklist?

Another month, another home recording. Losing touch with the outside world and focusing on what is inside. Funny to think that after all this time what once seemed normal is no more. Maybe this is just an overreaction to the current state of things, past, present and future? Whether it is what you see, do, or listen to the impact is certain and although it might be just a moment in time, reflection and positive changes are key. Going back to the essential, in this particular case records instead of digital files, searching through shelves and not hard drives. A different process for a similar result: slightly more challenging but also more rewarding in the end. A trip down memory lane, piecing relics together to obtain something new.

Here is a little dub recording which was recorded on request of Hugo for his Discos Capablanca take over on Mutant Radio. The tracklist can be decoded from the little poem below:

Standing on top of the Towers of Dub
Search and Destroy this new little hub
The lights will Flicker the floor will shake
Whilst sailing on the Nautilus feeling awake
Rocking in pain from our International Orchitis
Fatelikul as a war chant will not overcome this
Another quarantine story, another Lucid Dream
Recognise and Respond when you see someone mean
This new Strategy of throbbing Dub In My System
Eating Peanut Porridge every morning to dis them
A new threat as Danger In Paradise is revealed
Whilst Dervish Chant elevates them further afield
The Dawner now rises after dusk hits the fan
Whilst brightness in the distance revals the Earthwire Line
High is where we all want to go, can’t we move anymore
Let’s hope things will be different When It’s War is no more

Esoteric ambient moods get picked up by tribal polyrhythms in a germanic disco, going home with the no wave on the shoegaze… Something different to help us get through these crazy times where
we have all been locked down for the last few weeks… The show must go on though and hopefully the time we have had to reflect on our lives and the current state of the world will transform into something positive and help us build a better future… The other side is never far and out of the darkness the light will shine!

The ‘Half Rice, Half Chips’Guv’nor Tribute Mix.

It matters not how you remember The Guv’nor. It might be from his frizzy youthful days of plenty in the late Eighties to Mid-Nineties, or maybe it was from his Messianic later phase, all Statesmanship and incense. No, what matters is that you Remember-in whatever way you must – the ultimate underground spirit of enthusiasm, effortless change and prolific output that our squiffy music scene has ever known.

‘Always looking forward with a cheeky eye on the past.’This pitch perfect mantra I have come to realise – one of Weatherall’s many – goes some way to encompassing my dappled friendship with Alexis Le-Tan. Our invincible years in dusty electronic fields with liquid sunshine minds gave way to fallow times only to see a recent and permanent resurgence, these new found ALTC years, inspired by our love for the delights of the past, the possibilities ahead and the glorious mud in-between.

Lord Sabre brought us back together –or at least a flyer of his did. He brought many people together and kept them together, and his Sabresonic output will continue to do so. On hearing of his passing, we both squirreled in to a creative vortex of Weatherall (re)discovery, it was a period we’ll never forget, driven by the emptiness of loss, a desire to learn but most purely, an excitement to listen. This was our time to marvel & salute.

Following a plague of electronic knocks with a previous tribute mix, Alexis asked me aboard and we have created this–a ‘Mix of two halves’, One side his and one side mine, Half and half, offering a passing nod to one of his finest remixes in the process. To try and do justice to such a Titan in a matter of hours is surely a folly, but to allow only his finest remixes in the process. To try and do justice to such a Titan in a matter of hours is surely a folly, but to allow only his output to take you somewhere spontaneous and personal for such a window of time was a pleasure. We hope you enjoy it.

Alexis Le-Tan & Tom Colebrook,March 2020. (ALTC)

Live not live, this show was not recorded at the radio but sometime in May 2018 in the Cosmic Hole at Cocktail D’Amore. Not being able to make it tonight and as “The Last Cocktail” happened this weekend (due to the unfortunate closing of Griessmuehle), I thought it was only fitting to air this now. The final leg from a marathon six hour set, a sonic portrait of what could happen if you stumble into the other side of a lost basement after a night of heavy raving, past 8 in the morning, in Berlin or elsewhere…

Welcome to the new decade. How about resetting everything and starting afresh? Our situation is not looking good and we are the only ones who can make a difference. This always starts at a personal level where the small things make big changes.
Luckily, sound stays constant. If you are curious and avid to tap into something different the path is easy to find and if you’re looking in the right places you can always really on a safe trip. The Other Side is definitely one of those pockets and no matter how hard you look, you will be sure to get lost and find your way again and again, for years on end…

A bit late putting this one up but just in time for Christmas! Hoping it will accompany you all in your festivities and help you put an end to 2019!

This recording should have been made elsewhere.
Due to a forgotten passport Raheem settled for an older mix,
Waiting over five years for the right place.
Ethereal planes in which different universes collide
Bringing the passenger somewhere faster than expected.
What was once old is now new.
A philosophy that shouldn’t be overlooked,
Whether one stays true to ones self or doesn’t.
The journey hasn’t just begun,
It will carry on forever.

The page has turned but the sounds are still the same. Voices come and go whether they are in your head, outside or on the other side. The emotions that are channelled by the rhythm of life continue to drive us. The music you can hear here will always be different whilst remaining familiar, tied together in a constant and similar fashion. Technical disruptions in an over ridden soundscape in which it is harder to find the path. It’s a new chapter, continuing to challenge the past and future yet always searching for a common thread to hold it together.

For this first episode of the season I was unable to record a mix live in the studio as I have done every time until now… Too many more important things on my mind and no time to prepare.

Fortunately there was this session recorded at Operator in Rotterdam the week before where I had been invited to play by the Ethereal Music crew. Using it here seemed like the most obvious thing to do.

This show is dedicated to the memory of my father Pierre Le-Tan (1950 – 2019) who passed away an hour and ten minutes before it went on air. He is now sailing to The Other Side where he will rest in peace forever.

Découvrez le dernier The Other Side de la saison avec Alexis Le-Tan dans le studio Parisien, nous livrant une selection de musiques tribales, trances et downtempo.

Retrouvez Alexis Le-Tan pour un nouvel épisode de sa mensuelle The Other Side qui nous transporte toujours en transe-dimension entre musiques envoutantes et downtempo ethnique.

Réécoutez l’emission d’Alexi Le-Tan, The Other Side, pour une heure d’ambiance rave et trance-goa, oscillant entre chants indien, synthé acidulant et autres rythmes chamaniques.

Problems on the porch,
Obstacles are the instruments.
Holy rotation droplets,
Lick the steady trick.
Air-dried happiness,
Back and forth.
Plink plink physics,
The Oriental chamber.
Multi directional problems, Centralised mistakes.
Scratching for hope,
Awkward pony rides.
Base level bonanza,
Spit it out.
Fairground attractions,
Liquid prizes.
Archival echoes,
Plonk plonk powder.
Pictures, Tears, Tony,
Everyone remembers the Munch Bunch. Highway harnesses,
Kick drum concrete.
Full-blown enlargements in the cleaning cupboard, Such sterile accusations.
Dulcet deserters,
Richard Hammond’s organ.
Bouncing back in time,
Grinding for hope.
Pansies and happy insects,
Pop shelf flotation.
Now fold me in half and stick me up your arse.

Drugged, alone in the mind. Brought round by the kiosk,
Encompassing submergence, faceless instructions can’t help.
Top level communication, synchronicity of the echo.
He’s opened the kiosk: the ripple effect, rotor-calm.
Intermittent liquid growth, the central belt is constricted.
Distorted tussles on the elastic list, someone’s always got to win.
Constricted peace again, the kiosk has may faces:
Spun Out Sputnik knows he’s unholy, Grounded by the concrete.
The voices are placid, always here to charge the spirit.
Hibernating plant matter, slow but peaceful growth.
Words behind words, that’s the vision of layered Euphoria.

This is an extract from a mix I did at the Robert Johnson on the 2nd february 2019. Always fun to play in that room, reminds you what a good system can actually sound like. Also great to share the decks with like minded souls, so thanks to Woody 92 and especially Philip Berg for inviting me. Rave on…

Centrifuge expanse, soft pillow punches,
Pressure rising, narrowing to steady states.

Earthy rind, grimacing to expel.
Centralised mulch, the nervous fissures.

Subconscious exposure to the things,
Engulfing variations of him, again.

Broken and unbroken are the splits,
Scissors set a constant depth.

Pulsing declarations, rolling truths,
Rising pretention, narrowing to steady states.

Gutter gains, stretched rubber necks,
Animals on the kerb again.

Desperate balloons tied down,
Taunted from all sides.

Pandaleous and the central worm,
Intermittently working, together.

A side impact takes its toll,
Oppressive leakages, industrial smutter.

Clarity lingers behind the squeezing,
The weary ways, the hollow classes,
Narrowing to steady states, again.

Vapid time, Crossroads of space, No strings attached.

Don’t keep me waiting.

Warm bugs, Focused distortion, Combat – self.
Swelling sirens. Canned mess, Elves present.
Sharp machines, Factory calm, Leathered razors.
Digital chrysalis, Robed ecstasy, Morning discoveries.
Maiden’s milk, Rotation drums, Encompassing floods.
Spheres bounce, Reticulation, Gravity drome.
Barn doors, Seaside blazers, Tinkering fools.
Rough walls, Shimmering earth, Lost folk.
Steel Lungs, Hollow smells, Proto-types.
Amoebic tubes, Dry howls, Melding pots.
Time piece, Injection points, Hovering matter.
Doubles down, Mules kick, Weights lifted.
Peace partners, Illumination, Echoed clarity.
Back to basics, Rotary beads, High places.
Exquisite realms, Sad times, Touched auras.

First show of the year or last show of 2018? For this occasion, let me treat you to an extract of my set from the last Positive Education Festival. Veering away from the chill zone and diving head first into the rave… A Christmas gift which would’ve aired on the 25th December had the holiday season been postponed. No tracklist for this one but featuring some new tracks by Shadi Kries, Nick Mackroy, Otta Karawane and our forthcoming Full Circle remix of Die Orangen to close things off!
Here is what Tom Colebrook had to say about this sonic delivery:

Depth charge punctures the rolling soul, Chaotic mess on high.
Clash trash in the sands of man, The acid precipice and staggered fulcrums.
Wooden marionettes and broken names, Rotation symbols on the dawn line.
Even my hands can’t place lost dripping, The morph of a memory.
The lizard comes with a muscimol grip, The spotted king of old.
A sacred grip that he foretold,The rush today is ours, a bliss of the ages.
His memory fades inside the tube, Instructions are given.
On the sound box he stands, Waving discordant flags.
Punctured melodies of the night,
This is the broken sound of our past.
Sounding the drums are a troupe of misfits, Leathery rasps of the primate line.
Back in the water strong is the pulse, Such is clarity through the chaos.
Ordered lightsounds high above, Cascade traces, driving chords.
Liquid bliss on high, Mechanical stability on low, Up the back he rises,
Strings tare through the fragile portal, This the high pulse of our membranes.
Hispanic ripples of an older sound, Amphibious distortions under the canopy, Centred echos in the rolling soul,
The fractures bring us home.

The rotation system of relentless alignment,
pulsing distant alarm, chromium chords –
The yellow stainer comes with vivid cuts.
Within the metronomic biosphere,
you bring me my earthy organ,
chew me slowly with your clinical rhetoric.
Leather face – but not as we know him,
his tobacco chants, rolling closed eyes,
Promising a throbbing hope.
Warm sprawling county, swept away,
poke and distortion, confined.
Nauseous delirium, Old Mamma lullaby,
throwbacks and petticoats on the porch.
Temporary peace in the basement,
but god knows I love the crunch:
The tin piston system in the dark oiling himself.
Concrete cool, the reverse switch,
they’d be having it, the lot of them,
pair me down and load me up.
Driving organic pulse, black-brown and instructing,
autumnal breath on wet windows.
Here come the thin pipes,
dancing down the market streets,
churning over, churning over, twinkle horn.
Open me up, don’t centralise me
with your driving film score.
Bamboo beauties, in harmony and haze,
lay me down and play my organ,
lazy modern muff, zaney modern haze.
I’m coming round now,
All hands to the organ!
Spiraling up the visionary pipes,
the way is a colourful grey, the desert bleak,
Thin tin pipes are foreboding now, clairvoyant.
A Monastery peace on High.

In order to complement the aural passage of each new episode, Alexis has asked his dear friend Tom Colebrook for some live freeform writing to accompany his shows. A textual guide to The Other Side:

Wind up to the green place, they’re hear above, hidden.
The future chopper of nature, hovering, ascending.
The insect of the present. This is my place.
Down we go to subservient violence, liberating.
Liquid visions of an internal place, his space.
Symbiotic physical need, a visceral Any-body.
This is The Thing, hollow remote isolation, everyone waiting.
We’re back inside, slow warmth, trying to help,
Engulfing the hollowness, an ochre & grey space.
The chamber opens up, a vast dome, muffled light.
Communication from the mist, harmonic throbbing from above.
A gang of them, the lazy mindless twang of the hazy urbane.
When the cock crows – don’t deny anyone, Rave on.
A smokey slump back in the abode of possibility.
We’re still deep, in the place of echoey focus.
A Fucked melody picks away at me.
The Harlequin disappears, the Jester of the arcade game.
The dirty Dubby Man, dancing with the Grimy Girls.
This is now, confected, sugary and fat.
Back to honesty, the focus after the flaccid,
Showing me aural balloons of the future.
Now pair me down and instruct me.
They’re here, above: Visible:
Green Mammalian winged entities of the canopy.
Illuminated again, the dome has cleared,
The bluey-gray echo of possibility, bright and clear.
The night has passed: The liquid liberation of light.
Transient hours in the lounge of rhythm, modern, ongoing.
The ancient instructor still permeates, a harmony of memories,
Shivering discord never far away, trapped in time.
A slice opens up in the sky, the seduction of the orient.
Frosted screens, the Width of Time.

The Other Side is back for a new season, taking on where we left off, bridging the gaps between past and future.

The light has shifted from blue to white, the sounds remain warm. Outside movements commuting frantically, the rush before dawn.
As a new era arises, ones curiosity can’t help but be renewed. Such aural delights as offerings, will never cause a feud…

For his last show of the season, Alexis invites Phuong Dan to create a mix with him at home as it was not possible to reach the studio in time for this one.
Recorded exclusively with vinyl from the Le-Tan vaults, the pair take you on a journey where esotericism meets tribalism and ritual chants.

Following the last remainders of slow-mo trance and post-rave ambient shenanigans, Alexis turns it over on the head and delivers some alternative cosmic sounds.
Still staying true to his sonic aesthetics, this show is much more routed in the present future than in the future past, showcasing most of now and some of then!

Uncovering new found treasures every month can be a tricky game, but Alexis Le-Tan delivers the goods to our airwaves once again. Expect another trip through the fractal gates of aural delights, never sure when the past becomes present or the present is future.

Preparation mix for the 6 hour marathon set Alexis will be playing at Cocktail d’Amore in Berlin this weekend.
An overview of what one might hear before the after or after the after. Usual mixture of fresh and millésime fodder, cooked up with care and attention to bring you the most apetizing flavours out there!

Stream back to Paris based accurate sound explorer Alexis Le Tan selecting some 90s ambient compositions, and slo-mo trance madness tracks. Here with music from Orbital, KLF, and more…

After some heavy last sessions, Alexis Le-Tan go back to some more chilled ambient and ethereal sounds. As per every excursion, a mixture of old treasures and new discoveries. Sit back, close your eyes and let go!

A haunted musical excursion across different mental and spiritual borders, some heat to pull us through the winter snow… More recent offerings from a global network of like minded people, call it a tribe or whatever… No bullshit only music!

Alexis empties his drawers for his first show of 2018, and pulls out some of his favourite gear of the past year.
Only top shelf clobber and as usual mixing vintage and new, waiting for the new collections to come!

For his last show of 2017 Alexis picks some more of his favourite gifts from his magic stockings. A christmas special, featuring no christmas songs or maybe a couple you would’ve never expected. Not forgetting a warm thanks to the very special guest who made a quick appearance towards the end. We wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year!

Alexis showcasing his monthly digs, mostly newly released, some promos, reissues and exclusive edits by the man himself.

This show was recorded on Alexis’ birthday.
On this occasion he asked a bunch of his friends to submit some music from which this improvised mix was then weaved…
Big love and thanks for the generous offerings, you know who you are!

For his first ever radio show, Paris-based sound archeologist Alexis Le-Tan shares an hour of his monthly excavations: past, present and future.

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