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A journey that hits you, a sentiment that lasts. We all collect items of value to cope the pervasive veils of oblivion. Femdex founder Minou Oram for a series of broadcasts showcasing an eclectic sound exploration of being a reminiscent recipient.

Pour la première SVVENIR de la saison, Minou Oram invite le collectionneur André Pahl pour la première demi-heure, refermant elle-même cette aventure mêlant rock psychédélique, musique tribal et ambient.

For SVVENIR N°30 Bern-based DJ Kia Mann recorded a letter to her future self, to remind her that she’s free and can feel love.

For SVVENIR’s May edition, Minou Oram invites Alicia Carrera – originally hailing from Galicia, the graphic artist and music explorer embraces unusual sounds as a way of self-emancipation. Together they provide an enchaining soundtrack for an afternoon of laying on grass and sky gazing (in a world of endless flat appearance).

First half and cover art by Alicia Carrera, second half by Minou Oram.

Minou Oram shares an hour with Italian musician Lamusa II aka Giampaolo Scapigliati for an intimate journey into unknown consciousness and apocalyptic sentiment.

For this episode of SVVENIR Minou Oram take us on a journey across musics, sounds and feelings from Sri Lanka.

SVVENIR #24 features a profound sonic tale by My name is not mata – “to everyone it resonates, for spinning around dancing your way to the supermarket, back home or to no specific destination, to move around freely and breath in some freshly polluted air for when you’re not in a hurry or better yet, for when you decide to never be in a hurry ever again.”

Season and year III of SVVENIR starts with a fallish interlude of warm kraut, wave and psychedelia for the golden days of the year.

This month’s edition of SVVENIR displays a musical interlude of new age, dub, reggae and some alienations in between.

For SVVENIR N°21 Minou Oram invites Leerinc, who is one of the co-owners of Eleve, a platform in Berlin that focuses on giving anti-pop artists a stage. In his music he likes to experiment and show multiple identities of himself.
“The mix reflects a sunny morning where I was still sleepy and slightly hungover, but in a good mood nonetheless.”

Lakamha’ & B’aakal: SVVENIR N°19 is a soundtrack of how it made me feel to walk through the ancient ruins of Palenque; city-state of the Mayas for many centuries. Left speechless by their myths of rituals, beliefs, conjurations and brutality, as well as eye-witnessing a glimpse of their artworks, glyphs and architecture, I wanted to capture an intimate sonic tribute to one of the most striking high cultures of this planet. Tracks are accompanied by various field sounds recorded in Palenque and its lush jungle surroundings.

Polyxene from Athens is a Vienna-based DJ as well as a contributor to femdex. For the 19th episode of Minou Oram’s SVVENIR she shares a therapeutic journey comprising hallucinogenic records, mind-bending percussions and psychedelic emotions.

Minou Oram passes the control of this episode to Mae Sme for a one hour spiritual selection.
“A sound collage from Neretva Delta Swamp, over Rosenhuegl to Intrinsic SME Live. This particular sound journey will take you into the world of ambient soundscapes.
You’ ll hear few recordings of mine mixed with a blend of my favorite artists.

For SVVENIR N°17 Minou Oram invites Berlin-based dj, artist and writer Marlene Stark.
Taking a step back from the usual ambient vibes, for this month’s show it’s steering towards the soon-to-be season of verdant metamorphosis through an hour of buzzing drums and cosmic grooves.

In SVVENIR N°16 Minou Oram invites another Romanian connoisseur of sonic extravagance: Aleksa Alaska. Together they provide an hour of raw momenta, lots of drums, hazy chants and trance-like timbres.

For the 15th edition of SVVENIR, Minou Oram shares one hour of psychedelic ambient, new age music & other trippy paraphernalia with Romanian DJ, visual artist and member of Corp. – Chlorys.

Minou Oram welcomes Berlin-based Lithuanian born DJ Rugilé on her show for this episode.This mix was made during Venus in Retrograde: perfect for making love and escaping obscurity and chaos during these times!

“I am not yet here, but also no longer there.” This is SVVENIR 13.
Warm cosmic and psychedelic soundscapes to calm down when one already thinks of winter in early autumn.

Minou Oram is back on our stream to keep delivering sound souvenirs from her recorder, gathered along her journey. This episode is an attempt to capture the magic of Morocco, containing many personal field recordings, traditional Moroccan music and some left-field electronica that illustrated Hannah’s long bus journeys throughout the mighty Atlas mountain range.

For the last show of the season, Hannah welcomes an electronic music specialist at FBi Radio, Andy Garvey.
These are her words: “I made this mix for the rare Saturday morning where I want to get out of bed before Midday. The perfect soundtrack for making coffee – cooking pancakes or contemplating what to do with the day.”

Encounters at the other side of the world: The 10th edition of SVVENIR features a guest mix of Florian Kupfer. Dive into the man’s twisted electronics trip!

Stream back to Minou Oram playing music together with her good friend Ali Hender, a connoisseur of mystery tracks and intuition: Smokey, watery vibrations, liquidating your imagination.

This month Hannah welcomes a mix by Australian guest Fia Fiell, the Solo electronic/experimental project of Carolyn Schofield (also a member of Rolling Mass and Jaala).

Laila’s role as a DJ and emerging producer has seen her traverse frequently between her home town of Melbourne and London. She has performed as a DJ, an event organiser of the Day Care series, a producer and musician in experimental spoken word duo Figures, and member of electronic outfit Perfume Production. Laila also curates the progressive CAREFUL podcast showcasing unique Australian voices. Minou Oram welcomes this impressive artist, for a one hour musical journey around abstract and experimental electronics.

Goodbye Indonesia, hello Australia! Between straining job hunting and adapting into a new metropolis, Minou Oram has found a peaceful nest in the northern suburbs of Melbourne. This mix is an Ambient ping pong with her new roomie ‘Ung’.

Listen back to femdex founder Minou Oram’s last session, recorded in beautiful Indonesia, filled with lots of field recordings. This one is dedicated to all the wonderful people I’ve met. You’ve changed my heart. Featuring tracks from Bird People, Johann Sebastian Bach, Nerv, New Composers, Release Music Orchestra, Sun Araw, Susuma Yokoto, Terreke, The Doors and more.

Voyage Voyage!
Green lush hills, lonely beaches, scooter trips, pink skies, shooting stars and hugs.
So this one is about finding some peace in Lombok.
Tracks by Autechre, Black Merlin, Chris Zabrieski, Hiroshi Yoshimura, Sumsuma Yokota, Talk Talk, … mixed with field sounds.

A journey that hits you, a sentiment that lasts. We all collect items of value to cope the pervasive veils of oblivion. As Femdex founder Minou Oram continues her journey around the globe, this month’s episode is inspired by the Nature and Rituals of the Island of the Gods – Bali.

Here with tracks by Black Merlin, Deutsch Nepal, Ebi, Lakker, Penelope’s Fiance, Wolfgang Voight and more mixed with personal Field Recordings from the Jungle.

Femdex founder Minou Oram explores stress this month, as a reflection of her personal life path: dealing with a life that will soon be part of the past.
Listen to her selection via some Autumn & cold favorites, some tracks from viennese artists, as she prepares to leave vienna, her 9 years long “study and work town”, for good.
Here with music from Ana Threat, Bocksrucker, Christiane F., Elisa Waut, Nass El Ghiwane, Pink Industry, The Legend of Zelda, and more…

For her first show, Femdex founder Minou Oram investigates the feeling of anticipation before a trip, through very warm and calm sounds, bringing forward the beauty in music from different parts of the world. Here with tracks from Alice Coltrane, Ali Farka Touré, Andréa Dalto, Jon Hassell, Lena Platonos, Mariah, and more…

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