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Jay Glass Dubs' Spinning Data monthly show for LYL Radio, is a multi-selective inflected trip through sound, focusing in the margins of archival and contemporary recorded music.

Jay Glass Dubs’ invites No Más / No More studio from Athens for an hour long sound collage of field recordings and traditional and modern music through folk and industrial.

This time around, Jay Glass Dubs is paying a tribute to Cyprus based label and activists Honest Electronics through experimental ambient soundscapes, techno and abstract percussions.

Jay Glass Dubs is spinning feel-good data for all the secluded we are… Tune back in for psych tunes and mellow vibes, including Pavement, The Flaming Lips and more.

Jay Glass Dubs is back for another Spinning Data opus of psychedelia and breaks, playing STILL, Spacemen 3 and everything in between.

Jay Glass Dubs’ Spinning Data monthly show for LYL Radio, is a multi-selective inflected trip through sound, focusing in the margins of archival and contemporary recorded music.

Spinning Data is back, get cosy with Jay Glass Dubs playing winter music, through his favorite easy-listening, mildly fried pop and jazz ballads…

Listen back to Jay Glass Dubs playing all sorts of millenial favorites, from Air to trap bangers and other pop oddities…

Jay Glass Dubs kicks off the season with an hour long selection of greek folklore from the 70s to modern times, through the cheesiest hits to the deep rebétiko classics.

Listen back to Jay Glass Dubs’ last Spinning Data of the season where he strikes against the heat with a proper deep and weirdo selection of experimental ambient, free improvisation and more.

Listen back to Jay Glass Dubs’ guest mix by Pilar playing all sorts of recent material from JASSS, Yves de Mey, Scandinavian Star and more…

Jay Glass Dubs is back for a new banging edition of Spinning Data, playing vocoder infused southern bass and urban tunes blended with UK breaks, with tracks from ΛΕΞ, Slickback and more.

JGD playing his latest digs and favorites through a wide range of urban and esoteric influences, meandering through productions from Clara, Szare, Luka Production, Novoline and many more.

Listen to Jay Glass Dubs going into the more obscure and freakish side of his collection.

Listen back to Jay Glass Dubs playing some grime beats, illbient, future soul and more from Not Waving, Don’t DJ, Ossia, Relapse, Eden Ahbez and many more.

The Athens-based producer Jay Glass Dubs returns to our station with his first show of 2019, delivering some of his favorite records of late 2018, and a bunch of contemporary gems coming up later this year through such labels as Berceuse Heroique, Bokeh Versions, Fuck Punk, Avon Terror Cops and more.

Jay Glass Dubs invites Athens based composer and musician Christos Chondropoulos for a one hour mix, channeling fire-walking music from around the globe for the first half and a previously unreleased live percussion set straight from his 8 track recording vaults.

Athens’ Jay Glass Dubs is back on our airwaves with a new episode of “Spinning Data” featuring exclusively hellenic hip-hop and rap, from the nineties on, for your hearing pleasure malaka!

Athens’ Jay Glass Dubs is back on our station with a speedy mix of jungle and drum n’ bass, dedicated to the legendary UK label Certificate 18, including Kruste, Teebee, Klute and more artists.

Special guest mix by Marylou Guerra for this months Spinning Data, expect everything from contemporary ambient to harder psychedelic and bass tunes.

Jay Glass Dubs riding solo on his last trip playing ambient gems, contemporary dancehall and industrial cuts.

Guest mix by Maidengawd for this month’s Spinning Data, playing tribal, ambient and bass, with tracks from Drexciya, Bochum Welt, Still, Crooklyn Dub Consortium and more.

Athens’ Jay Glass Dubs invites Sonic Warfare for this month’s episode, and a harsh mix of contemporary electronics oscillating between noise, experimental process and aggressive cuts.

Jay Glass Dubs invites Eleanor “Gribs” for this month’s session, for a guestmix of vivid digital variations including tracks from Kate Carr, Bianca Stout, Mykki Blanco and more.

Stream back Jay Glass Dub’s Valentine special.

This episode takes us to the mystic land of African Vodun through Agbo Tofa and other Mysteries: fetish statues, mystic gods and hidden spaces, field recordings and documentary parts collide into a single entity, the sacred destroyer Agbo Tofa… Places such as Benin, Cairo and Istambul are visited and reconstructed forming a dream haze like state in this ”sacred” and mystical episode.

Athens dub masta Jay Glass back with a synthwave and experimental selecta featuring tracks from Sympathy Nervous, Bernard Fèvre, Black Zone Myth Chant, M.E.S.H., Still and more.

With Athens-based producer Dimitris Papadatos aka Jay Glass Dubs, through contemporary dancehall, dub and experimental music.

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