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HAJJ's personal monthly show around contemporary musical movements, from trap to post-internet experimentations and futuristic beats...

HAJJ’s guest for this month’s episode is London based musician and dancer Bianca Scout, to deliver an intimate selection along those words: “we are roses but can live like weeds”.

Hajj welcomes Lastrack for a one-hour musical narration of survival in a world plagued by a mysterious disease turning humans into flesh bag, stripped of any conscience, walking aimlessly to spread the infection, coughing and spitting. The ground is slowly turning into living bio-tissues, carrying more of the deadly micro-organisms. It feels like this new virus is sentient, having something in mind, a grievance against humanity and more importantly, a goal …

Hajj welcomes guest Ojoo Gyal from Morocco for a powerful contemporary club electronics blend.

For this episode, Hajj invites DJ Morgue (Scream Entertainment/Prince Scream) to share the Souffrance FM show with Armadou K7 (Schnell Records/Simple Music Experience), for an hour of trap, rap, gangsta beats and more.

“1h de prod made by hell jammers, je sais que tu sais qui est le hell jammers mais tenons ce secret jusqu’a la fin !”

Réécoutez Hajj en réponse à “L’Apocalypse des Animaux” de Vangelis, via un collage audio complexe, contant avec étrangeté le récit de la fin des animaux.

Pour ce nouvel opus de Souffrance FM, Hajj lui-même se charge de nous livrer un mix complexe entre ambient grandiose et rap français contemporain.

Hajj invite Schnell records pour ce nouvel épisode de Souffrance FM : une heure de Schnell, ces compositions à la frange de l’effrayant et du second degré…

Pour ce nouvel épisode de Souffrance FM, Hajj reçoit Maison studio, collectif avec basé entre lyon et Barcelone, composé de $ali, lil jean, sergio18k (chanteurs), true hd, elieodt (prod et mix).
Le mix présente les influences larges du collectif mêlées à des productions du crew.
“Reconçu” avec des reverbs, des dopplers, de délais et des ad libs sur les morceaux, Maison Studio nous propose de profiter d’une heure de collage millimétré, par dessus lequel un travail d’ingénierie du son a été fait.

HAJJ invite la Tunisienne Marwa Belhaj Youssef pour cette nouvelle édition de Souffrance FM, offrant une heure de compositions électroniques contemporaines, balançant entre ambient, expérimentations vocales, dub et plus.

Hajj reçoit pour ce nouvel épisode de Souffrance FM la réalisatrice française Caroline Poggi, pour une sélection bien tranchée, entre trance, trap et autres productions dans l’air du temps.

Hajj reçoit la productrice SPROOCHT aka Nikola, basée en Pologne et que l’on peut retrouver sur soundcloud ici.

LOVE MASSACRE CELEBRATION, c’est sous ce terme tout aussi joyeux qu’antinomique que le maitre de la Schnell présente son premier épisode de Souffrance FM de 2019. Rap, trap, cloud, lean, pop, et bien plus encore.

HAJJ invite le producteur lyonnais Lastrack pour cette édition de Souffrance FM; un épisode spécial, intitulé « Ça Part » mêlant extraits de séries TV, dialogues, OSTs ré-éditées et autres enchevêtrements impromptus. 

Different pieces of music, dialogues and OST, sometimes edited, put together as one structure, narrating the shifting in trajectories that one will encounter throughout the fabric of her / his existence. The main sentences have been transcribed below for better understanding. 

Hajj accueille Prince Scream, member of band Violent Quand On Aime, pour un mix d’une heure entre mutant rap, memphis, et phonk chelou.
Joué sur soundcloud puis enregistré sur cassette.

Hajj reçoit pour cet épisode DJ Loser, producteur Grec et affilié au label de Glasgow Clan Destine, pour une heure tranchante et sinueuse entre trap, ambient, soundtracks de jeux vidéos et expérimentale électronique.

C’est le premier épisode de Souffrance FM, toujours emmenée par Hajj, ou Florent Hadjazarian, artiste aux multiples facettes, et boss de Dawn Records, entre autres. Cette fois-ci, il reçoit DJ Mod, habitué de nos studios et de la Souffrance FM, pour un mix spécial Thread Junkie. Trap weirdo, bass, rap, et thread !!

HAJJ invites Paris-based, young director Jonathan Vinel (cf. Martin Cries and the rest of his filmography) for this month’s Souffrance FM, featuring wide oscillations between metal, trap and folk music.

Listen back to Souffrance FM welcoming for this one Epsilove selecting tracks around the theme “Que D’la Chiale” as in music to make you cry, music for depressed teenagers. Metal, trip hop, emo and other various 90’s nostalgia.

Souffrance FM honcho Hajj invited Ronce, a paris based producer known for making ASMR electronics, feral gore feminist music, for her radio debut. With a mix titled “girls own the void” she goes through noise, trap and present day club music.

HAJJ’s personal monthly show, this month with his guest Malibu taking us on a trip on an empty highway, playing ambient, happy hardcore and cyberia sounds.

Stream back to this hour special anti-cops show, when HAJJ welcame two of his intimate kheys: Depense Défensive & Valentin Vennesson! French rap, hardcore, old fashioned kinky singers, Jamaican Roots, and more…

Stream back Dj Mod’s second appearance on Hajj’s monthly hell hole: this time, one hour of rave, trap, thug tunes and more…

“C’est quoi Schnell ? Jsuis là !” : Lil Ronin is Hajj’s guest for this month, for one hour of Schnell, percussive and neuneu trance madness…

Dive into you inner self. Experience DJ Tera Octe live set at Qlimax.
For the 2017 edition, Qlimax unveiled a secret guest to the Hardstyle community. DJ Tera Octe’s rawphoric science and his allegiance to the roots of Hardstyle made him a serious contender for the set of the year. A LYL Radio exclusive!

«In a world of conflict, the human beings are struggling with soundcloud copyrights. The anger flows through all of us, resonating with every fiber in our body. Gathering from the whole galaxy, we unite under a common banner: LYL Radio. Can you feel our suffering deep inside? Beware of the kick de chien.»
 DJ Tera Octe, 2017

Listen back to HAJJ’s guest Lastrack, going through 2000’s productions only.

CROWW – Prosthetic 1.
DJ LOSTBOI – Are You Gonna break my heart
STARGATE – Driving Hyperrality
METALLICA – One (ambient Edit)
OPHIDIAN – The Middle Children
BOUGA – Belsunce Breakdown (Lastrack Remix)
GAGE – Yoshimitsu
IGORRR – Meshuggah Bleed
AGCR – April 14th Remix
SIM CITY – Theme 1
FLUKE – Zion
DEUX EX – 108 – Area 51 – Combat
SIM CITY 4 – Expansion Theme
MORROWIND THEME – Trance Remix (Lastrack Edit)

HAJJ’s personal monthly show around contemporary musical movements, from trap to post-internet experimentations and futuristic beats… For this episode with special guest Kareem Lofty.

HAJJ’s personal monthly show, welcoming this time amadouK7 for a crazy 100% tape mix.
Here with music from Simple Music Experience, Animaux Sauvages, Détente Voiture en Ville, Blond Blond, Colique, Dawn Records, Yakov, In Aeternam Vale, and more.

HAJJ invites today Controverse’s Ntn for a Shinichiro Watanabe’s special. The Japanese master’s animes Cowboy Bebop and Samurai Champloo explore different universes and realms, here through Ntn’s selection of tracks from The Seatbelts, Nujabes and Force Of Nature.

Last show of the year with BFDM and Controverse’s soldiers for one hour of jam and elusive selection… Here with tracks from Skepta, J-Zbel, Dizzee Rascal, Alias and more.

For this hour, HAJJ welcomes le Saint-Graal aka Guillaume Mala (Le Cabanon) for a one hour incursion around music for abandonned swimming pools.

DZIFA VERTOV – Enthusiasm! The Dombass Symphony (ReR Megacorp, 2008 – composé entre 1929 et 1930)
JOHANNA M. BEYER – Music Of The Spheres (Sub Rosa, 2003 – composé en 1938)
GYORGY LIGETI – Artikulation, Elektronische Komposition (Wergo, 1984 – composé en 1958)
IANNIS XENAKIS – Concret PH (INA-GRM, – composé en 1958)
ELSE MARIE PEDE ‎- Syv Cirkler (Important records, 2014 – composée en 1958)
KARLHEINZ STOCKHAUSEN – Struktur I (Wergo, 1964 – composé entre 1958 et 1960)
DAPHNE ORAM – Melodic Group (His Master’s Voice, 1962)
WHITE NOISE – Your Hidden Dreams (Island Records, 1969)
DARIA SEMEGEN – Electronic Composition No. 1 (1971)
THE RESIDENT – Consuelo’s Departure (Ralph Records, 1974)
MORT GARSON – Baby’s Tears Blues(Homewood Records, 1976)
LOUIS AND BEBE BARRON ‎- Main Titles (Overture) (Planet Records, 1976)
BRIAN ENO + DAVID BYRNE – Come With Us (Sire, 1981)
ELLEN FULLMAN – Dripping Music (Apollo Records, 1985)
LAURIE SPIEGEL ‎– Cavis Muris II (Centaur Records, 1993 – composé en 1986)
DEEP LISTENING BAND – Rain Delay (¿What Next? Recordings, 1990)
APHEX TWIN ‎– Actium (Apollo, 1992)
GLOBAL COMMUNICATION ‎– 04:02 (Dedicated, 1994)
COIL ‎- Broccoli (Chalice, 1999)
JAN JELINECK – Drift (~scape, 2001)
MILEECE – Nightfall (Lo Recordings, 2002)
ZAVOLOKA / AGF ‎– Korin (Nexsound, 2005)
SENYAWA – Gaib (Morphine Records, 2015)

This session is dedicated to finding a bridge between rap and metal with special guest Melchior Ferradou, playing tracks from Mayhem, Kaaris, Vlad Tepes, Burzum, Inquisition, SCH, Tenebreuse musique and more…

HAJJ and friends’ radiophonic purgatory.
This month, meet DJ MOD, also part of Paris-based collective 306Club, for one hour of codeine rap and lean lesson.


Asap Rocky – Pretty flacko 2 (screwded)
Mygos – Bad & bougee
Lil yatchy & Rich the kid – Fresh off the boat
Chris Travis – Free gucci
Xavier Wulf – Servin fuckas on sight
Bones – Protein
Ilovemakonen – Sound like who?
Amber london – Texas phonk
Bones – Bam margera
Suicide boys – Mount sinai
Future – Turn of the light
Asap Ferg – Hood pope (screwded)
Lil yatchi – ???
Famous dex – ???
Ugly god – Rari

Hajj’s personal monthly show around contemporary musical movements, from trap to post-internet experimentations and futuristic beats…
Special OST selection, full 16bit trip, with Cache Misère, aka Lionel Riff for an hour of doomed playful madness.

Hajj’s personal monthly show around contemporary musical movements, from trap to post-internet experimentations and futuristic beats…
Special cassette mix by Renart aka Michette for this one.
Here with tracks from Vastes Choses, Opal Tapes, Dawn Records, Schnell Records, Simple Music Experience.

HAJJ’s personal monthly show around contemporary musical movements, from trap to post-internet experimentations and futuristic beats… Here on satanic digital music, with tracks from: SAD SATAN – Deep Web Horror Game; Renart – Styx; Raison D’Etre – In Abandoned Places; Anomalie survenue a un journaliste reptilien se métamorphose en plein direct; Blood – Level 1; Sylvain Chauveau – Je suis vivant et vous êtes morts; Damien Dubrovnik – Vegas Fountain; Pope Francis Declares Lucifer As God; Le Comte Doré – Et Azzazel Décapita L’Oiseau Impur; Agamemnon Counterpart; Prophet – Die Free; Synapscape – New Order ; Hexentanz – Mark Of The Witch; Black Sun – Hymn To Lucifer; Les djinns d’hillary clinton n’arrivent pas à travailler ensemble; Emptyset – Chislehurst Mine, Kent, England 02.11.12; Alkpote – Zone Mortuaire; Phurpa – The Visualization of Phurpa; Cursed Kleenex Commercial; Amnesia Scanner – As Sembly; I Hate God Demon Of Lust Confesses.

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