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Une fois tous les deux mois depuis Maitland, Australie avec Jarrod Skene de Vienna Press, entre avant-garde, synth-wave et plus, passé et contemporain: looking ahead as well as back in time. Without this historical contact, this memory, sound, image has no autonomous existence.

The Australian label Vienna Press returns to our station for another season of “Secession”, exploring the contemporary répertoires of drone, avant-garde and ambient music, here with tracks from Kali Malone, Rosewater, Ardor and more.

The Australian label Vienna Press returns for the final “Secession” episode of the season, selecting drone, ambient and avant-garde music from Jacob Kirkegaard, Kali Malone & Caterina Barbieri, Julius Eastman and more.

The Australian label Vienna Press returns to our station for another episode of “Secession”, celebrating May 1st with a selection of avant-garde, spoken word and conceptual music pieces from Félicia Atkinson, Alvin Lucier, Graham Lambkin and more.

The Vienna Press label founder is back on air with a new “Secession” show, featuring avant-garde, experimental works from Robert Ashely, Trevor Wishart, Stephen O’Malley and more.

The Australian avant-garde, synth-wave label Vienna Press continues his “Secession” residency, with a new session intertwining experimental music pioneer and contemporary musician, from Morton Feldman to Olymphia..

Maitland’s Vienna Press is back with the second installment of his “Secession” residency, providing with one hour of avant-garde and experimental music from Ambre Antique, Stars Of The Lid and more.

Stream back the premiere of “Secession”, a show produced by Australia’s Vienna Press label, alternating between profound ambient, avant-garde and dub techno.

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