Martina LussiBimestrial Thursdays6PM - 7PM

Martina Lussi is on another Rollercoaster, meandering through avant-garde and ambient music for this new show, featuring tracks from Emma DJ, Lea Bertucci and more.

Here comes the next Rollercoaster from Martina Lussi, and it`s a very quite one: “It`s a straight forward fieldrecording of the forest close where I live in Lucerne. Tim Shaw and me recorded the Dawn Chorus. Means we recorded in the morning during sunrise when the birds start to sing”

Martina Lussi returns for the third Rollercoaster installment of the season, selecting one hour of minimal, avant-garde compositions.

Martina Lussi returns for the second installment of her “Rollercoaster” residency, selecting one hour of contemporary music swinging from Coucou ChloĆ© to Mohammad Reza Mortazavi.

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