LYL & Boiler RoomOne-OffWednesdays12PM - 11PM

Stream back our special radio programming in collaboration with Boiler Room, featuring a few of our Parisian hosts.

Elen Huynh opening our Pleasure Palace event in collaboration with Boiler Room in Paris, with some experimental, industrial and twisted dubby vibes.

Akuphone’s founder Cheb Gero going through a large collection of traditional and more contemporary music from around the world.

Clementine picks her best soulful & edgy disco, groove cuts and boogie tunes for our Pleasure Palace journey.

Experimental music expert Laura Not takes us through some of her most rythmic and hardest records.

Club vibes gettin real with Coni, also digging in his synth and wave favs.

Listen back to Boiler Room residents Together Dance Music, Maximum Haze & T. Wiltshire bringing the heat at our Pleasure Palace event.

Cyrus and Louis bring up some weird breakbeat, experimental gems and more contemporary electronics.

The mafioso duo on a hell journey, via some extreme punk, metal, hardcore vibes and more.

Listen back to Alexis Le Tan playing at Pleasure Palace event in collaboration with Boiler Room, sick trance moves ahead.

Anna from Bruits de la Passion closes our Pleasure Palace with some killer selection, including new-beat, 80s gems, EBM and more…

Stream back BFDM’s Tiff selecting the dopest reggae, dancehall and electro records for our Pleasure Palace event in collaboration with Boiler Room.

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