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PLEASE DON'T GOA comes to you live from the Cucumber Lodge in Scotland, exploring the extrapolation of frothy extremities; excursions into the deep (and shallow) shores of our murky green planet. Proto-neo-avant-savant-acid-punk-not-punk-wait-what-funk awaits you..

Cucumber Lodge is on lockdown! Wistful and vernal jams from Yves on the first hour and since we’ve been stuck indoors we’ve had time to go through the DJ AONTACHT archives and we’re really glad to share an excerpt from a recording of him playing live in 1996 in the mystical Clava Cairns. Legend has it at this peculiar and legendary rave that the crowd were in such a frenzy that huge bolts of orange and turquoise lights emanated from the Clava tombs nearby and one goer even swore he saw a roe buck walk out of one on his hind legs! Legend has it anyway…

The Vernal edition of Please Don’t Goa is upon us!
For our second show of 2020, we have kindly invited THE PEEBLES PUNISHER borderlands mystic and spiritual caretaker. Recorded in the spare room of his family home, his wonderful contribution exemplifies the reflective and hopeful virtues of spring, it ranges from deep and introspective to bright and pulsing on this 1hr trip.
The second hour is a garish and ecstatic ride of ‘Please Don’t Goa Trips’. An hour of exclusive, unheard and new edits, arrangements and productions from the sonic bin man himself! Slinky regurgitated jams inbound…

Winter creeps into the Cucumber Lodge! Single glazing windows means that the Please Don’t Goa crew have to find inventive ways to keep warm which is why they’ve recruited Ambient Babestation Meltdown and Cammi Cullen to reheat the aural atmosphere. Ambient Babestation Meltdown delivers a performance that comes from personal experience, call ins and performances around the UK, which as culminated in a sultry offering for the LYL airwaves, we thank you so much! Cammi Cullen, self professed audio sponge and professional Please Don’t Goa temp supply delivers his second contribution for the show abound with bizarro city pop, steamy MPB and cow boogie (??). Dip in and dive under for the new edition of Please Don’t Goa!

For this season’s premiere, the Rythm Machine boys welcome Dean Chew from Singapour and Molly Water from Berlin (she’s the one responsible for the posters of the crew). South East Asia Boogie-Reggae-Pop and Sad cowgirl vibes for this one, be ready!

Tangoes, peas, coins, beasts, bows, left feet, tails, bricks, swords and company. The imaginative and the curious, the uncanny and the bizarre- They very often appear in pairs. For the summer edition of Please Don’t Goa, we’ve sauntering along the West Highland Riviera and palacios of Granada, disconnected from our regular frequencies. We’ve extrapolated the show from the familiar spaces of the Cucumber Lodge to the BBE store in Hackney London where beloved compatriots Grace (of Raw Silk nobility) & Coolant Bowser (TEESH & Netil Radio bon vivant) have recorded our June contribution of Please Don’t Goa. Thank you so much to both of them for subbing in at half time and scoring a radioactive hat trick on LYL, have a wonderful summer listeners and until then! x

Listen back to a new episode of Please Don’t Goa with Syd Viscose, JHM & DJ Aontacht with Lee Gamble, Laksa, Autarkic, DJ Python… Representing the sound of of Scotland having a good time when there’s sun x

Curators and creators from London to Chicago via Lagos and Paris featuring EMAENUEL and ALEX B on PLEASE DON’T GOA with themes of resistance and angst coming through this show. The connections with these dear friends have both been through the RHYTHM MACHINE universe, which has activated ongoing and probably never-ending discussion about the joys, histories, limitations, disappointments, hopes and futures of the dance-floor as an ‘eco-system’. Resistance and frustration has foregrounded a lot of this discussions, where we’ve all acknowledged the exploitative path that dance culture and it’s supporting industries are veering towards and EMAENUEL and ALEX B have pushed up against that change in their work as sound artists, curators producers and DJs. We’ve all been lucky to be involved in RHYTHM MACHINE where in the roles we’ve all undertaken there have attempted to re-instate a lost ethos back into night club culture that it has suppressed from itself for the last decade. It has had it’s political edges hacked off and been sterilised of it’s multifacetedness. EMAENUEL’s part is a brand new collection of his most recent productions that rides across the most lucid parameters of techno, that sidesteps the exhausted ‘genre interrogation’ trope and instead foregrounds the most beloved properties of Techno and explodes them. This is a really exciting premier of his new work contributing to his already amazing and hefty musical portfolio and ahead of an upcoming release which I cannot wait for. I cannot implore you enough to keep your ears and feet to the ground for it. ALEX B’s curatorial voice naturally bleeds into their DJ one. On numerous occasions they’ve discovered what are now Rhythm Machine classics; sleazy Madonna Remixes, Portuguese Gina X covers and re-introduced Frankie Knuckles’s Bad Boy back to the canon. They’ve brought the intense, the playful and ethereal in this contribution, which rightly captures the allure of a great club experience. I’m super proud to be sharing their world premier on radio on PLEASE DON’T GOA and miss them dearly. There’s already several tracks in this mix that will end up in the digital bag for this month’s Rhythm Machine. I’m really grateful to be sharing this show on LYL as it has captured a brief but vivid snapshot of the Rhythm Machine experience and family, which has offered so much more than just a party. It has enthusiastically promoted self expression, encouraged emotional delicacy and expanded cultural capital for so many people. Big shoutout to WILLIAM FRANCIS aka ABOVE A SLEEPING CITY aka the better half of Rhythm Machine!

Celebrating the solar cycle! New Year is a funny time, we promise ourselves we will change and break old habits, that we will be a new person, we focus on the being and not the becoming. Helping us getting lost along the way is two formidable radio presenters, Isabella Diblassio of WCBN Detroit and Andrea Montalto of EHFM Edinburgh, much love to them and the starts of their year. Too weak to write anything intense this month, our show is dedicated to Rebecca Solnit’s field guide to getting lost, Henry David Thoreau and Stuart Hall. ‘To find oneself, one must lose oneself’. Get lost for 2019!

This November edition of Please Don’t Goa navigates ideas of comfort, the domestic, the familiar and their counterparts, dislocation and diasporic space. Presented in three parts by guests Victor De Roo, Pealing Wavs and Yves, each one contemplating these manifestations of home.

Victor’s submission captures the most conscious embodiment of familiarity of the three, where only records he discovered at 72 Records, where he works in Brussels were used for the recording. Record stores are sites of knowledge and nascent curiosity, where influences and expectation are established and disrupted, where intimidation can be assuaged by intimate cognition. Located within juxtaposition, they allow for social and solitary transactions to be simultaneously performed. Navigating through this arrangement can be a precarious matter, which Victor has articulated in his mix. It is a succinct expression of calibrating a balance between those orders and finding reconnaissance in the unknown- The shop owner’s haphazard recommendations, picking up an attractive sleeve, searching for that familiar name or instrument in the liner notes with the ambition of uncovering a new aural path. I’m glad to be congratulating Victor for his new 7″ on STROOM with FELIX POFFE under the ONZEKER name, which is an excellent release that plays with the axioms of the known/unknown of record culture and thank him for this wonderful contribution to Please Don’t Goa.

PEALING WAVs’ entry, recorded in Alicante mediates an alternative trajectory through personal transition and migratory movement, correlating to his physical relocation to London and creative reinvention as an artist. Cammi’s output has evolved through several permutations, each time expanding and deepening his musical heritage whilst consciously not relegating past endeavours to futility as is the archetypal pitfall. His self-reflexivity allows him to clearly evaluate this fusion which gives his work a prescient edge, as the affectations of his past are purposely synthesised into his present practice. Cammi’s section unveils the intimate power vulnerability can convert into through exposition of uncertain environments and how we mobilise in the advent of liminality and instability. As a frequent collaborator, peer and friend I will (as always) look forward to his future musical endeavours.

Manchester Maestro Jungle Joe, Audio Visual wizard of Strange Riddims bringing a Jungle special (what else did you expect??) from the Cucumber Lodge!

Another month, another dip in the green pond!
YVES comes back with the diving gear and a very special contribution from a very special guest.. AONTACHT (Gaelic for Unity) was a cassette tape he found in the attic of a junkyard, the artwork adorned with dancing clowns and flaming demons whilst the music within slammed us like ancient slabs of technoperilious timpani, incomprehensible to the human ear. After some exploration into this character, we found he was a Northern Irish native and a professional touring clown with the Minneapolis Circus in the late 80s and 90s where he threw intimate raves in the old lion cages after hours, whilst performing psycho shamanic rituals throughout his performances..He then had to mysteriously elope from the USA (a bizarre situation involving a contortionist, stolen laptops and a racing horse) where he found himself aboard on a millionaire’s yacht on the Chilean coast in the 2000s working as an entertainer… He refuses to use email but promises one day to communicate with us via systems we never knew possible! Hold tight..

For the first PLEASE DON’T GOA submersion, YVES the renaissance (waste)man invites OTHER LANDS to join him for the initiation rites of inaugurating the Cucumber Lodge. Native Leith Walker, bard, father and techno-minstrel, he will be anointing the acetate in the run up to his forthcoming release on Firecracker Recordings, Pattern Transform as well as aural premonitions of the 2nd MAC-TALLA NAN CREAG project, SORROW OF DERDRIU in conjunction with the hirsute druids of the Scottish Forestry Commission. In his words; “Big up all the cat people, forest spirits and psychoacoustic time travellers of all nations.”

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