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With Berlin-based DJ and Discos Atonicos label founder Alienata, selecting one hour of electro, techno and dub records.

Discos Atonicos founder Alienata returns to her “Nova Express” series, delivering another lovely mix of electro, acid and techno bangers, featuring tracks from Carl Finlow, Kitbuilders, The Hacker and more.

Listen back to Alienata opening her new season playing a crafted selection of classic electro, acid techno and many more precious gems, from AFX, Luke Vibert, TV. Out etc.

Alienata termine la saison avec un mix aux relent pur-rave entre sauvage breakbeat et électro ebm via Dungeon Acid, LFO, Norwell et plus encore.

Réécoutez Alienata jouant une heure énergique entre techno et électro, via ce que l’on nomme les grands du genre : Echoplex, Planetary Assault Systems, Dj Milton et plus encore.

Listen back to Miss Alienata april podcast, playing her large range of broken harsh beats : from electro to brain killer tracks. Via The Octagon Man, Innershades, Marco Passarani and more.

Alienata provided us a new episode of her monthly show Nova Express, including a bunch of dirty beats and electro bangers from the actual and past scenes via The Exaltics, Ekman, Innershades and many more.

Alienata is back on air for another edition of “Nova Express”, featuring a selection of electro, acid and breaks from Animistic Beliefs, Exzakt, Freddy Fresh, Newcleus and more..

Pour cette seconde émission de janvier, Alienata nous offre une heure d’une recette bien maitrisée, variant d’une électro à l’autre, entre oldies, classics et sorties plus actuelles.

Réécoutez une heure entre electro et synth-wave, sélectionné par Alienata pour son émission Nova Express via Aux 88, Mesak, Versalife et plus encore.

Alienata nous offre une heure d’électro, de ses origines jusqu’aux déclinaisons plus actuelles.

Discos Atonicos’ Alienata gets back to her “Nova Express” residency with one hour of the sharpest electro and new-wave, including tracks from Dopplereffekt, Le Syndicat Électronique, Cabaret Voltaire and more.

For the first Nova Express of the season Alienata brings you a special guest: UNPROFESSIONAL, a young italian artist who is making her debut on Forbidden Planet Records very soon and she delivered it a bad ass mix!

“UNPROFESSIONAL is a state of mind born in Italy and exported to Berlin.
UNPROFESSIONAL is everywhere but not everyone.
UNPROFESSIONAL is distorted stroboscopic foggy and obscure dancefloor.
UNPROFESSIONAL is there where the difference between Lo-fi and bad is.
UNPROFESSIONAL (LIVE)s on the floors of the ghettos of the
UNPROFESSIONAL can happen in clubs too.
UNPROFESSIONAL will materialize soon on vinyl: Upcoming on Forbidden Planet records”

Discos Atonicos founder Alienata is back on our station for the last Nova Express show of the season, providing with a subtle mix of electro from SVN, E.R.P, Drexcya and more.

Stream back Nova Express with today’s special guest Abspann, “Many Minutes Mix”, a selection of early electronics, industrial music and synth wave via The Residents, Chris & Cosey, David Lynch and more.

Discos Atonicos’ Alienata back with a banging mix of electro, acid and techno from DJ Haus, Kamikaze Space Program, Myriadd, Jasen Loveland and more.

Listen back to Discos Atonicos founder and zahef specialist Alienata from Berlin, playing electro, breakbeat, new-beat and more Kris Baha, Rose E Kross, PEARL, The Suburban Knight..

Most of the time, Snuffo is happy to not be a DJ. In clubs, the masked guy is strictly live act only. But a few times a year, he’s known to record a special mixtape. His latest contribution, for the Nova Express show, is meant as a soundtrack for weird dreams.

Stream back to Nova Express with guest Nana Obscuri playing industrial, waves & more.

Alienata cooked us a nice selection of tunes to warm up the cold winter… Here we go.

ALIENATA – Memory (Upcoming)
VOLTA CAB – Immortal Fix (Hesperius Draco remix)
ANNANAN & MAROJE – Confrontation In Terms Of Sexuality
MORALEZ – Futurama
KINK – Throwing Elbows
INDUSTRIALIZATE – (Estrato Aurora remix) Upcoming
EKMAN – Onomatomania 2
JEROME HILL – Back & Forth

Discos Atonicos founder Alienata shares a bit of her roots, delivering IDM, hip-hop and electro beats.

KIRLIAN – Nutzak
JAMES BONGO – Miss Pocketmoney
DJ SPOOKY – The Vengeance Of Galaxy 5
DJ SPOOKY – Phase Interlude
THE TRUTH – Millennium Exodus
THE DISCIPLES Sunrise Dubplate Cut 1
JEGA – FZ Requiem
X–911 & EQUINOXX – Electro Bunker
TECTOC – Morbius, Kommando 6
JEGA – Shockwave Rider
GUAVID – Groovy
RAC – Continua

Alienata brings you producer Beta Evers for a techno, wave and electro selection of her, with tracks from Boris Divider, Le Syndicat Électronique, Spatial Relation, Cline Coma Xero, Shiny Black Mater, Cienfuegos, Lvrin, Alek Stark, Kalat, Koss, Carlos Peron, Schatten unter Eis.

With Berlin-based DJ and Discos Atonicos label founder Alienata, selecting one hour of electro, techno and dub records.

With Berlin-based DJ and Discos Atonicos label founder Alienata, selecting one hour of electro, techno and dub records.

DELUSIONS & NIET! – Exorcismo
JK FLESCH – Obedient Automation
PHASE FATALE – Human Shield
BETA EVERS – Soundtrack For A Tomorrow
JASSS – Weightless
VIDNA OBMANA – Atmosphere Two Dawn I
DSORDNE – Love Is My Eversion
TYVYT|IYTYI – Don´t Stop (Mick Wills Cut)
PHASE FATALE – Order Of Severity (Extended Mix)
UMWELT – Beauty Of Collapse
SIMON DAVEY – Nik Molina

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