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Night Travel on a Blanket: A story by Jailor & Fula.
A story inspired by “Le Partage des eaux” Alejo Carpentier (1953)
Drawn by the stressful effervescence of the wide city, a breach to another world catch us. Music’s origins are guiding us through an initiatory journey into the dense and enveloping scenery of the pristine forest and its inhabitants.
Despite our will, the innate and inherent rhythm of our own civilisation brings us back with overflowing energy.

Night Travel on a Blanket – A story by La souris et l’éléphant

(Sound editing: Yuri Lewit)

A story inspired by “Invisible cities” by Italo Calvino
A trip through the sound movements of the 70ies, the contemporary electronic scene, Italy and dreamed cities.

La souris et l’éléphant is a duo of selector dj’s formed by Laurence Creyf and Gilles Vanneste, head leader of Les Actionnaires (Brussels).

Cover picture: Alain Simon



Low bat invites Reymour this month for a ballad full of poetry.

(Discrete digger and Berlin-based promoter Low Bat’s hour of cosmic contemplations.)

Discrete digger and Berlin-based promoter Low Bat’s hour of cosmic contemplations.
This time he invites Clicklounge for a little trip oscillating in between Lofi electronics, folky ambient and minimal synthy poppy.

Low Bat invites Lou Blue for this new chapter of Night Travel on a Blanket, for a free-interpretation of “the myth of Prôtis and Gyptis”.


Le mythe de Prôtis et Gyptis, d’après l’Abrégé des Histoires Philippiques de Trogue Pompée de Justin.

Des marins de Phocée en fuite face à l’invasion perse reçoivent un oracle : ils doivent embarquer vers l’Ouest accompagnés d’un guide du temple d’Artémis. Ce sera une femme, Aristarqué, qui se joindra à leur équipage, munie d’une statuette en bois de la déesse.
Ils débarquent dans la calanque du Lacydon (actuel Vieux Port) où ils font la connaissance d’une tribu Ligure dont le chef est Nannos. Ce jour là, les celtes organisent une grande fête à l’issue de laquelle Gyptis, la fille de Nannos, doit choisir un époux. En signe d’amitié, les grecs sont invités au banquet. A la fin du repas, Gyptis choisit de donner la coupe remplie d’eau à Prôtis le grec.

Le roi donne sa bénédiction, et leur offre la partie nord du Lacydon pour y créer une colonie, la future Marseille.

IN ENGLISH >> The myth of Prôtis and Gyptis, according to Justin’s Abrégé des Histoires Philippiques de Trogue Pompée.

Sailors from Phocéea fleeing the Persian invasion are given an oracle: they must embark westward accompanied by a guide from the temple of Artemis. It will be a woman, Aristarchus, who will join their crew, equipped with a wooden statuette of the goddess.
They disembark in the Lacydon cove (today’s Old Port) where they meet a Ligurian tribe whose chief is Nannos. On that day, the Celts organize a great feast at the end of which Gyptis, the daughter of Nannos, has to choose a husband. As a sign of friendship, the Greeks are invited to the banquet. At the end of the meal, Gyptis chooses to give the cup filled with water to Prôtis the Greek.

The king gives his blessing, and offers them the northern part of Lacydon to create a colony, the future Marseille.

Low Bat invites Lars Noel for this new chapter of Night Travel on a Blanket, for a free-interpretation of Milan Kundera’s “The Unbearable Lightness Of Being”.

Discrete digger and Berlin-based promoter Low Bat’s hour of cosmic contemplations, here with Roelin as a guest and driver of a loose, minimal, wavy selection..

Müstesna Records is a small label from Istanbul run by Ece Özel & Umut Kahya.. First 45min of
this mix includes tracks from “shelTer” compilation which was put together in order to create
global awareness about trans murders in turkey and also gain some income for Eylül Cansın
Trans Guesthouse in Istanbul. Second part is from upcoming 12” Alper Maral + Mert Topel –
Control Voltage Project which is a nice nice example from electronics experimentation from
Turkey. This will come out early 2020.

1731, Fribourg, a city in Switzerland near by the mountains. A presumed witch is burned on a stake. Her name is Catherine Repond who used to be called « Catillon ». Before that, she was subjected to torture to obtain confessions to condemn her. She was first hung by the arms with a rope and weights of 25 and 50 kilos were attached to the legs. Catillon was the last victim of popular superstitions. Witchcraft trials were a good way to kill someone who did not fit; whatever the reason. Patriarchy used witches to justify inexplicable local phenomena and mostly to put their hands on social domination and kill women who knew to much. This is my musical tribute to the last witch of Fribourg.

Night Travel on a Blanket by MLML’s show pays a tribute to William S.Burroughs – the great postmodern US-American writerand visual artist, who somehow unillumined translated the theory of Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari into literature. ML’s “Night Travel on a Blanket” mixhasno specific connectionto one single paragraph of his Œuvre, as all hisrhizomaticbooks are together one largecross-linked novel. The showrather dances around his mysticalchaos beliefs, his cut-up writing technique, his satirical subversion and his visual artin order to feed the desire to bypass systems of mental control and mind free from the forces of habit and history.

Streamback Khidja interpretating John Waters’ latest book “Mr Know it all”, with tracks from Suicide, Lamusa II, Megamura and more.

Ce mois, Sima Okas est l’invitée de Night Travel On A Blanket. Originaire de Vilnius, elle nous offre un collage entre folk, ambient et synth wave illustrant le poème de Langston Hudges, ‘Genius Child’, via Maria Sole, Psuedo Code, Agitation Free et bien plus.

Allciki is this month’s Night Travel On A Blanket guest, putting together an eclectic selection of collages, ambient, spoken-word, avant-garde, new-wave and more, illustrating a XX century classic, The Metamorphosis from Franz Kafka.

“After years of studying train schedules every evening, it’s a pity to become a bug. Such a good, humble and quiet man could be late for work. Kafka’s social criticism makes you blush and you never know which character of the story you most likely are. “Nobody” – you say without blinking, “all of them” – this answer smells like truth.”

Low Bat invites Ingwa for this month’s Night Travel on a Blanket, for one hour meandering through Sun Ra’s heritage, “The Immeasurable Equation”, exploring his “The Spontaneous Mind” poem:

“Walk toward the beautiful circles of tomorrow
That turn each other . . . .
Wheel turning wheel;
For every wheel is the will
And the will is the power
Of the fire
Of the spontaneous mind…”

Low Bat invite la parisienne Mykonos pour ce nouvel épisode, interprétant librement le court texte, écrit en français dans les années 1950, de Samuel Beckett, “Basé sur L’Image”, ouvrage nous plongeant dans un rêve, un fantasme — celui de Samuel Beckett lui-même?; sans aucune ponctuation si ce n’est la majuscule princeps et point final, le lecteur déambule à travers la prose de l’Image.

L’anxiété du temps qui passe, de la culture qui nous est transmise et de la transformation du son a travers l’espace, il fait bon chaud sous la couverture mais l’atmosphère reste cependant tendu, entre sentiment d’être pris dans les tentacules du rouage et sortir la tête de l’eau, une perte de repère mais tous cela fait sens.
Jean Marie Tjibaou – Discours Melanesia 2000 (Kanaki 1974)

Listen back to this month’s Night Trave on a Blanket, with guest Rahim interpreting freely three stories by author Lydia Davis…

“A year ago I spent a few months carrying around an ugly, pink, penguin paperback book titled “The Collected Stories of Lydia Davis”. I read bits of it everywhere over a long period of time, and some stories I marked down, folding the corner of the pages. I misplaced the book for a while, and when I found it again, dusty and stained, I read through all the stories I had wanted to keep note of, some of them I can’t tell why anymore – the three I illustrate through the mix are the ones which brought back the most vivid memories.”

— Rahim.

Blech from Neukölln is providing us this episode of Night Travel On A Blanket with the book from David Forster Wallace, Infinite Jest.

“Viaggio” is a story by Pier Luigi Tondelli’s “Other Libertines”. The importance of this story is emphasized by its central position, it is the third of the six stories in the book.
The protagonist is a young man who tells his story in the first person. It all began in the summer of 1974, after the maturity exam of the protagonist and his best friend Gigi, and ended in 1978. The physical journey for European cities is also a metaphor of the journey of formation of the protagonist in search of his identity . Young and unconscious, part from Correggio, and here he will return at the end of his story, after having understood many things about himself and his life.

Low Bat invites Berlin’s Kull for this episode of Night Travel On A Blanket, for a free interpretation of Hermann Hesse’s Luftreisen fiction book, via experimental, dark electronics from Coil, Pelican Daughters, Conrad Schnitzler and more.

„Durch die Wolken gewinnt der Luftraum, in welchem sonst der Blick nichts mehr fände und mit den Maßen die Teilnahme und Aufmerksamkeit verlöre, eine reiche Sichtbarkeit: er wird Fortsetzung der Erde.“

This is a radio collage inspired and guided by Tarot cards. An immersion in the Jungian psychology of Universal archetypes that inhabit our collective unconscious. It is based on the book “Jung and Tarot, An Archetypal Journey” of Sallie Nichols. The mayor Arkana, as universal archetypes, are symbols that speak directly with our subconscious. To do this program I have thrown the cards and the resulted spread guided me to find and choose the songs that compose this piece. This made my life a bit complicated as the order of the cards determined the order of the songs, and even if I conceive this piece as a radio collage and not a session, anyway I wanted that it had value by itself, without explanation. (not sure how many people will read this text ) so I hope to have found a good compromise about it. Finding the songs was an interesting process; It is not only about the title of the song corresponding with the card but also about the meaning of the cards corresponding with the essence of the song. It was interesting to discover that in my collection I have more than one song about magicians, suns or moons, but I struggled to find the right one for the devil or the strength.. I hope you enjoy as much I did following the desire of the cards.
Alea iacta est.

The Magus – John Fowles
Nicholas Urfe is bored with life. Having attended Oxford and taught for a year at a public
school, he decides to take a position as the English teacher on the Greek island of
Phraxos. The last man to hold the post committed suicide under mysterious
circumstances. Slowly but surely, he is drawn into a bizarre game engineered by
Maurice Conchis, a reclusive local magician. The deeper into the game he is drawn, the
more he senses danger, yet cannot seem to untangle himself from the fascinating and
compelling influence that the game is having on his mind.
„Between skin and skin there is only light. And there was my poetry.“

The Yunwi Tsunsdi are little fellows, hardly reaching up to a man’s knee, but well shaped and handsome, with long hair falling almost to the ground. They are great wonder workers and are very fond of music, spending half their time drumming and dancing. They are helpful and kind-hearted, and often when people have been lost in the mountains, especially children who have strayed away from their parents, the Yunwi Tsunsdi have found them and taken care of them and brought them back to their homes. Sometimes their drum is heard in lonely places in the mountains, but it is not safe to follow it, because the Little People do not like to be disturbed at home, and they throw a spell over the stranger so that he is bewildered and loses his way, and even if he does at last get back to the settlement he is like one dazed ever after.

Stream back to Mark van de Maat aka Knekelhuis for this new episode of Night Travel On a Blanket based on a Legend of a Suicide by David Vann.

Typ X from berlin based Kashual Plastik is performing for this new episode of Night Travel on a Blanket.

DOMINIQUE – he said
F INGERS – My body next to yours
ABSENT MUSIC – The desert
THIS HEAT – Twilight furniture
F INGERS – Rolled up all
JOHN DUNCAN – Reach out

Low Bat brings you Jeroen Vermandere for another tale, dive in.

“A childhood story from the life of Orpheus: 
At a young age, before Orpheus had started composing music, he fled from his bustling living environment, polluted by the sound of a constant buzzing. He went in search of a quiet and silent place, a rare sound-free paradise. He ventured on his journey around the Mediterranean Sea and at some point Orpheus ran into the twelve unrestrained Sybils. Orpheus waved at the shrieking and contracting women, trying to motion with his arms the question, “Why do you make so much noise?” 
Their answer: If you want to use your voice, speak, sing, or give meaning to your words, before there is a purpose to the words you speak or an emotion attached to the song you sing there is the voice inside of you. It comes from your body, your foundation, your base, and your connection to the earth, from how you hold on, your toes gripping the long roots growing underneath it. We catch the sound of the wind with open arms and legs and from this our voice comes; from the wind shaking the trees, from these lungs of the world and our own, it comes from our blood vessels and the uncontrollable roar of the sea, it comes from desire, the violence we inflict upon each other, the unanswered love, the morning dew, a shuddering breeze. Sound comes from everywhere. Listen to it with your skin.”

Float A Bort is on the Blanket for this month, with Guy from Sound Metaphors: one hour of dense sonic textures, as mesmerizing interpretation of “The Diving Pool” by Yoko Ogawa.

Discrete digger and Berlin-based promoter Low Bat’s hour of cosmic contemplations – here with guest Joséphine, around Simon Weil’s concept of attention.

Discrete digger and Berlin-based promoter Low Bat’s hour of cosmic contemplations, here focused on the film Solaris..

RAYMOND – Grand Batista
WANDERER – Wanderer Drones 2
ROBERTO MUSCI – Woman of water and music
CABARET DU CIEL – Falasarna Exposure
23 SKIDOO – The Gospel Comes to New Guinea
PTOSE – Women in the Moon
NARWAL – Nirvana (Repress to come on Ongerhood)
PHEW – Mata Aimasho

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