Florian KupferMonthly Thursdays9PM - 10PM

Listen to Berlin-based producer and DJ Florian Kupfer digging up underground electronics from his collection.

Florian Kupfer returns to his series with an intense selection of drone, dark ambient, electro-acoustic pleasures this month.

Berlin’s Florian Kupfer returns to our station with a new episode of “Neue Ohren Für Neue Musik”, delivering one hour of intense electronics, dark ambient and techno bursts..

Florian Kupfer invites DJ Neumann for this month’s “Neue Ohren Für Neue Musik”, for one hour of loose meanders through ambient music, field recordings, horizontal soundscapes and textures to stream back here.

Florian Kupfer returns to our station for another broadcast, focusing here on a selection of blissful ambient music, exploring textures, densities and horizontal movements along this sinuous way.

Berlin-based producer and dj Florian Kupfer is back on our airwaves for another broadcast, renewing with his muffled, subterranean flow with sixty minutes of post-industrial experimentations, drone and more.

Florian returns to our station with another episode of Neue Ohren Für Neu Musik, building up a complex network of contemporary, experimental, musique concrète music, featuring tracks from Valerio Tricoli, Ueli, James Ruskin along unreleased composition from himself and Berlin-buddy Innsyter.

Listen back to Berlin-based producer and dj Florian Kupfer, getting back to his “Neue Ohren Für Neue Musik” residency here with a profound rhizom of contemporary electronics, dense soundscapes and sharp breaks.

Berlin’s Florian Kupfer invites his friend Innsyter, for a 60-minutes session of adventurous electronics, ambient and minimal compositions from the Brazilian producer.

Berlin-based artist Florian Kupfer comes back to his residency with a late yet blissful delivery: one hour of underground electronics, minimal compositions and cosmic breaks…

Listen back to Berlin-based producer Florian Kupfer’s premiere of “Neue Oheren Für Neue Musik” (New ears for new music), alternating between experimental electronics, ambient and drone from Else-Marie Pade, Prurient, Bruce Gilbert and more.

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