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Music Herstory features conversations and live recordings from womxn and female-identifying artists, led by Paris Based music journalist Nastasia Hadjadji. The show dives into experimental sounds with a feminist perspective.

Maria W Horn is a s-Swedish composer and co-founder of XKatedral label (Stockholm). In her work, infused with black metal and avant-garde minimalism, she examines aspects of human perception and alternate mental spaces. In this conversation, we discuss her two album to date, Kontrapoetik and Epistasis, as well as influences, side-projects and satanic feminism.

Grinderteeth is a Norwegian experimental electronics producer based in Berlin. Known for her live improvisations, she just released an EP called Bitch Doctrine in which she explores themes related to feminist politics and queerness. She’s also a core member of Berlin NO SHADE, a club night series & DJ training program for female & non-binary individuals.
In this show, we’ll discuss her live improvisations techniques, influences (Maja Ratke, Stian Westerhus, Jenny Hval, Rui Ho, Röyksopp) and her commitment to empowering queers within the NO SHADE community, in a context where the music industry often trivializes employment.

Kate Carr has been investigating the intersections between sound, place and emotionality as an artist and a curator since 2010. Her work has taken her from the Arctic Circle to South Africa, with stops in rural Thailand, Iceland and Mexico, and extensive travels in Europe and the UK. She also runs experimental label Flaming pines, a ‘topography of hidden global sounds » according to The Wire.

For this premiere on LYL radio, host Nastasia Hadjadji sits down with german multidisciplinary artist and Toresch vocalist Viktoria Wehrmeister, to discuss her solo project Decha. The conversation and the live were recorded in July 19 at Zone Disco Autonome.

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