Lokier, Florian Kupfer, Low Bat, Cereal DJs & more.One-OffSaturdays1PM - 7PM

Listen back to our in-store session at EDWIN Berlin with local rippers Low Bat, Lokier and Florian Kupfer, as well as live recording from Luca Lozano & EDWIN's "Deejay Service" night held at Arkaoda with Cereal DJs and Your Planet Is Next.

Listen back to Luca Lozano & EDWIN Berlin’s “Deejay Service” night held at Arkaoda, here with Cereal DJs honcho Smidek playing a wild selection of house burners, breaks and electro.

Stream back Luca Lozano & EDWIN Berlin’s “Deejay Service” night, here with Cereal DJs honcho Jakob From The Earth’s live recording from his set at Arkaoda.

Listen back to Cereal DJs honcho Balaban’s live recording of his set for the “Deejay Service” held at Arkaoda with Luca Lozano and Edwin Berlin.

Berlin local DJ and L.I.E.S. producer Florian Kupfer joins us for our in-store session at Edwin, providing with underground beats, industrial-experimental tracks and more darkwaves.

Mexican-born dj and producer Yoan Rodriguez aka Lokier joins our session for one hour of synth-wave, post-punk and electro frenzy.

Local ripper, “Night Travel on a Blanket” founder and producer Low Bat kicks off our in-store with one hour of exciting new-wave, leftfield disco and more suave beats.

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