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Meet the Low Income $quad through this monthly broadcast, showcasing the crew lead by Strahinja Arbutina, running through their broken house, industrial and electro loves.

Strahinja invites DJ Spit this month, for a calmer mix than usual, featuring a hybrid form of electro and tribal techno, battering at the edges of gabba, acid, trance and amen-infused breaks.

Strahinja Arbutina present Kinlaw & Franco Franco: “They released an industrial trap album together for the Bristol-based collective/”crew label” Avon Terror Corps which includes Bokeh Versions/Giant Swan etc. Kinlaw also released on No Corner and Haunter Records among other labels and he made some instrumentals for Young Lean.”

Strahinja Arbutina invite DJ Mantis pour une session trance old-school pour les raverssss.

“For this episode, Strahinja brings you a guest mix by Skander, a San Francisco based DJ and producer well respected in the noise/techno/DIY community. With releases on L.A Club Resource ran by Delroy Edwards, Vereker’s label Endangered Species and Through Greater Evil, the last one being an extension of the RS94109 shop that he runs, he represents the more challenging spectrum of electronic music, which is confirmed in this powerhouse mix of techno, rave and hardcore chants.

Strahinja brings you sound engineer and producer Swan Meat for this month’s broadcast, providing with one hour of hardcore variations, techno bursts and fast breaks..

Strahinja is back on air with another episode of his monthly optimistic treatment, here with american producer Cienfuegos, providing a boiling, heavy, dubby industrial mix for the first half while taking care of the conclusion.

Syrahinja invites the Unsound Festival resident Olivia, also co-Founder of Kraków-based club night We Are Radar and booker of the club Szpitalna 1 in Krakow for the second part of this season’s final episode of “Optimism Is Out To Get You”, while taking care of the last 30mins..

Strahinja Arbutina invites Belgrade-based musician Andrija Čugurović aka Andria for this month’s show, providing with one hour of screwed hip-hop, industrial breaks and more DIY-sounding gems.

Croatia’s Strahinja Arbutina invites two radical honchos for this month’s broadcast, giving out the first part to Draag, while providing with a 30-minutes live recording of Taugenix in the second..

Croatia’s Strahinja Arbutina invites the New-York based dj R. Gamble for this month’s show, providing with one hour of electro, post-industrial and techno variations passing through Keano, Marcus Mixx, Upsetting Keys and more.

Low Income $quad artist and all-around zahef builder Strahinja Arbutina gets back to his residency with a new show, shared with Berlin-based New-Yorker Ciarra Black, each providing with 30 minutes of techno, breaks and heavy electronics.

Strahinja Arbutina brings you Tresor resident and Herrensauna activist MCMLXXXV for this month’s show, pushing you into one hour of acid, techno and fast breaks.

Strahinja Arbutina returns to his monthy show for a solo 60mins of bold electronics, complex cadence and sharp breaks from Pinch/Mumdance, Tommy Lobo, Ice Eyes, Alonzo and more.

Low Income $quad’s Strahinja Arbutina invites MACAO raver Archangelo for his last show of 2018, bringing his Meta (Marseille) live set recording back from the dead for an hour of smashing electronics.

Low Income $quad’s Strahinja Arbutina invites Isabelle for this month’s show, providing with one hour of dark electro, dense downtempo and more screwed techno.

Strahinja Arbutina brings you Modal Analysis artist ANFS for this month’s “Optimism Is Out To Get You” for a dark ambient, noise, industrial techno session featuring Pharmakon, Scorn, Esplendor Geometrico and more.

Croatia’s Strahinja Arbutina returns to our station with a 30mins mix of hard electronics, and introducing L.I.E.S.’s Collin Strange for the second half.

Low Income $quad’s Strahinja Arbutina gets back to his residency with L.I.E.S.’s M//R as guest for this episode’s first 30 minutes.

Low Income $quad honcho Strahinja Arbutina invites Belgrade-based DJ Stevie Whisper for the first part of this month’s show, while taking care of the second for a smashing session.

Low Income $quad’s Strahinja Arbutina returns to his residency with an intense selection of noisey electronics, industrial techno and experimental records.

Low Income $quad’s Strahinja Arbutina invites Miley Serious for the first part of her residency, and Crème Organization founder DJ TLR for the second, providing with a paced selecta of jungle breaks.

Low Income $quad member Strahinja Arbutina presenting music from the label and favorite tunes of the moment ranging from noise techno, experimental music, blown-out electro and everything weird in-between.

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