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London based curator, selector and party thrower Ashton Holland in one hour each month, going through themed shows that inspires their events, plus featuring live sets from their parties, sometimes joined by some guests from over the world...

“Back on LYL Radio Today! Pretty random selection of stuff we’ve been listening to over the past month or so.. ft lots of unreleased stuff including few tracks of a compilation we’ll be putting out later this year. Tune in, peace.”

Ashton Holland retrouve nos ondes pour une nouvelle édition de Left Alone, cloitrée mais vivace toujours, se baladant entre minimal wave, aventures synthétiques DIY et plus.

This month Ashton Holland’s show Left Alone invites All Night Flight Records!

Starting of this new season of Left Alone with a one hour mix of the man himself, Ashton Holland. Follow him on his journey between introvert tunes, ethno industrial and dubby picks.

Guest mix by Glug Glug! After bossing the ‘bar’ room at our event in February, we’ve been waiting for a guest mix from the man himself for sometime now – finally he’s managed to bless us with one for this months LYL show!

Left Alone’s Ashton Holland returns to our airwaves for another broadcast, providing with one hour of introvert new-wave, synth-pop and muffled aspirations, cruising through productions from Philipp Otterbach, Corporate Park, Benjamin Lew and more.

For this episode, Ashton passes the decks to his good friend and fellow sound east Londoner, Danny Bushes!
“Made up of a few things I’ve got recently and a couple of long time favourites. Records that remind me of Blythe hill, catford and lewisham.”

Left Alone honcho Ashton returns to our waves with an hour of modern classical, future jazz, experimental and more downtempo poetry and floating melodies.

Le fondateur du magazine londonien Left Alone, Ashton Holland, retrouve nos onde pour une nouvelle heure aux aléas minimalistes, vocaux, langoureusement post-punk, avec des tracks de Thomas Bush, Crisrail, À La Ping Pong et plus.

Left Alone’s Ashton Holland is back for the second installment of his residency, pursuing his exploration of synth-friendly oddballs, through weird pop, psychedelic and tribal influences.

For the first episode of the show, dive in nice and easy, along weird and odd electronics sounds from early 80 to now with lots of female vocals.

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