Metaphore CollectifBimestrialWednesdays6PM - 8PM

Marseille based crew Metaphore Collectif on a two-hour bimonthly live show from Meta, our family (ware)house, loading all ears in its exploration of gloomy nooks of a post industrial world.

Le Metaphore Collectif reprend le fil de son Pochon Noir pour ce mois-ci présenter une heure de mix electro, rave, ghetto tek et autres subtilités..

Metaphore Collectif invite le crew Tropicold pour cette nouvelle édition du Pochon Noir, avec Why Pink offrant une heure de variations souterraines, entre techno, downtempo, rave et plus.

Le Metaphore Collectif revient sur nos ondes pour une nouvelle “Pochon Noir”, avec Israfil se concentrant ce mois-ci sur les teufs, raves et autres scènes hardcore..

Écoutez la dernière édition du “Pochon Noir” des marseillais de Metaphore Collectif, amenant ici une heure de nu-metal, hardcore et doom s’étendant de 1996 à 2016, passant de Slipknot à Evanescence..

Marseille’s infamous Metaphore Collectif is back on air with a new “Pochon Noir” to empty, with Israfil acting sandman for two hours of bleak grime, breaks and all around post-industrial pleasures.

Marseille’s Metaphore Collectif returns to our station with honcho Schlagga taking care of the first hour with a blend of ritual, tribal electronics, while Israfil continues the session with one hour of experimental and electro-acoustic works from French pioneers and beyond.

Marseille’s Metaphore Collectif is back for a new transmission with co-founder Julie taking over the two hours, selecting records from her roaster and beyond, featuring Myako, Maoupa Mazzocchetti, A Strange Wedding and more.

Marseille’s Metaphore Collectif is glad to introduce the local trio Empire State for this month’s episode, celebrating the birth of the crew’s eponym label and forthcoming 12″, keep an eye on this!

Marseille’s Metaphore team up with Brussels-based label Vasteschoses for two hours of new-wave, industrial and techno variations from JK Flesh, Morah, Body Snatchers and more.

Listen back to Marseille’s Metaphore Collectif show, with co-founder Israfil taking care of this session with a blatant mix of electro, industrial and techno bangers.

Marseille’s Metaphore Collectif brings you local producer Searaime DJ for the first hour and honcho Israfil for the second, enjoy the electronic turmoil.

Second episode with Marseille-based crew Métaphore, and honcho Redondo for the first half, leaving the decks to guest Donarra for the second.

Marseille-based hyperactive collective cruising through their personal records collections. Expect industrial, techno, noise & more extreme sounds.

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