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Silvia from Yerevan Tapes returns with the last “Laniakea” episode of the season, meandering through experimental, contemporary productions from Lee Gamble, Clara!, Puto Tito, New World Science and more to enjoy here.

The Italian label Yerevan Tapes is back for a new broadcast, meandering through recent electronic productions from Mark Lekey, Slickbak, Maria W. Horn and many more along the way.

The Italian label Yerevan Tapes is back on air with founder Silvia cruising through a recent batch of experimental, noise, synth-wave, with tracks from rabit, The Doubtful Guest, MJ Lallo, Krikor Not Waving and more.

Listen to Yerevan Tapes founder Silvia playing a wide selection of contemporary electronics, from the ambient, exotica works of Les Halles to the complex soundscapes of Èlg via Éliane Radigue and more.

Yerevan Tapes shares its second installment of “Laniakea” with Bologna Ombre Lunghe Festival’s partner Domenico for one hour of contemporary electronic variations, with music from Simo Cell, ZULI, Vessel, Objekt and more.

We’re glad to introduce the Italian label Yerevan Tapes to our regular programming, with here the premiere of Laniakea, featuring a wide range of electronics, from avant-garde to minimal folk and more.

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