XKatedralBimestrial Thursdays4PM - 5PM

Sweden’s XKatedral is back on air with a mix of ambient sounds, avant-garde constructions and more contemporary electronics selected by David Granströms.

The Swedish avant-garde label returns to our airwaves with another episode of “Ladder Of Primes”, bringing Theodor Kentros for this session oscillating between avant-garde, drone and ambient music, exploring the horizon.

Maria W. Horn from the XKatedral label takes care of the season’s last show, providing with two hours of drone, ambient and experimental music from Ellen Arkbro, Isak Edberg, Ingrid Engaras and more to enjoy here.

The swedish experimental label returns to his “Ladder Of Primes” residency with a guest show from avant-garde composer Zach Rowden, putting together a selection of classical, modern and ambient music.

XKatedral returns to its residency with a new episode of “Ladders Of Prime”, featuring a selection of drone and avant-garde works, contemporary and classics from Catherine Christer Hennix, Flowering Blade, James Tenney and more.

Sweden’s XKatedral records is joining us for a bimestrial residency entitled “Ladder of Primes”, featuring drone, ambient, experimental records past, present and forthcoming.

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