Aeon Shaker, Chams, Flagalova, Ytem, Retina Set, Violeta WestBimestrialTuesdays9PM - 10PM

Illegal Tapes is a Parisian crew pushing club-ready shellers and experimental electronic beats.

For this new episode of Illegal Tapes’s residency, enjoy a one hour of 160 energy from Violeta West going through everything in between jungle, dnb, and footwork.

Illegal Tapes invites Vebe Suprada sharing an hour of his influences, ranging from emotional pop, club music, PAN Records, Oneohtrix Point Never, and other electronic artists.

An hour of facemelters and drum assaults from Ytem and Aeon Shaker, recreating the energy from their recent b2b set for DEMO at Grrrnd Zero in Lyon.

Ecoutez la nouvelle résidence du crew Illegal Tapes avec comme invité de premiere émission le producteur et dj Flagalova, nous livrant ici une sélection onirique de musique électronique errant dans la sphère de la bass music.

Abîme founder Chams in the mix with an hour of heavy & fast club tunes.

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