Gilles Helsen, stukBimestrialWednesdays3PM - 4PM

Musicologsit & sound programmer at STUK in Leuven offers a 360° perspective of music, sound to other forms of art.

As the live sector in Belgium is slowly resurrecting, STUK in Leuven is looking forward to kicking off its autumn programme. This will include mainly Belgian based artists, such as Razen and Poor Isa, but it will also welcome Kali Malone and YEK (the duo of Burnt Friedman and Mohammad Reza Mortazavi). New stuff from Sarah Davachi and NAH, who’s working on a crazy virtual reality project. With Beatrice Dillon, schntzl and Spirit & Form there’s some music I’ve been listening to a lot during the lockdown. And we’ll end with a dreamy composition by harpist Mary Lattimore, coming from the Qu-Junktions compilation called ‘Hope You’re Well’.

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