SeneBimestrialTuesdays10PM - 11PM

Sene’ Herbicide Analitica presents an evolution of contemporary music that feels in line with the experience of contaminated modern life. Intuitive associations of rhythm complexities, acoustic apocalypse and dancing bacteria.

Listen back to Herbicide Analitica with a selection by Sene including melancholic tunes and dance digression

This particular episode of Herbicide Analitica, will offer : a 1h mixture selected by Sene with varying degrees of hopes and horrors.

Sene pour une emission Herbicide Analitica avec 1h dédié à Steve Angelo et la deconstruction de ses morceaux avant 2010.

Listen to the third episode of Herbicide Analitica with some digital dub, downtempo, breaks and much more.

Ecoutez le deuxième opus d’Herbicide Analitica, la bimestrielle d’Erwan Sene, avec au programme une selection singulière de musique contemporaine entre modern classic et bass music.

Paris-based contemporary sculptor and music maker, Erwan Sene, presents his new bimestrial residency through one hour of sandwich poems, disintegrated language and club instrumentation.
Photo credits : Alexia Cayre

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