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Le fondateur d'Ediçoes CN et musicien Lieven Martens-Moana (aka Dolphins Into The Future, In The Eye Of Vision etc..) vous invite dans sa paisible jungle sonore, entre field recordings, avant-garde, expérimentale fleurie et cours aquatiques...

Lieven Martens-Moana delivers another episode of Ediçoes CN’s residency, consisting in one loose hour of field recording, modern classical and traditional music, taking us through his voyages and sight-seeings..

Lieven Martens-Moana returns to our station with another show, meandering smoothly through modern classical, field recordings and loose, opened compositions for your karma’s pleasure.

Ediçoes CN founder Lieven Martens-Moana (aka Dolphins Into The Future and a lot more aliases) takes you into another sonic journey through one hour of field recordings taken from the water, tea fields and pineapple plantations, blended with sketches and rehearsals for a composition: “O Lavrador (The Cow Herder)”, both a solo piece and an ensemble work prepared in Ilha Da São Miguel.

Lieven Martens-Moana from Ediçoes CN is back on air with a new episode of “Habu Snakes, Lava…”, sharing one hour of field recordings from his trip to Ghana, a soundpiece he entitled “GHANA GYE NYAME
or “in Ghana, God is everywhere…”. Enjoy the trip…

Le label expérimental Ediçoes CN retrouve nos ondes pour une nouvelle édition d’ “Habu Snakes, Lava, Modes Of Transposition, A Glass Of Medrohno…”, oscillant entre musiques modernes, avant-garde et électro-acoustique, passant par des travaux de Costin Mierenau, Woodger Speece, Trevor Wishart et plus.

Ediçoes CN founder and producer Lieven Martens-Moana returns to his monthly series for one hour of intrepid circulations through modern classical, ambient and downtempo music, with tracks from Koji Ueno, Maurice Ravel, Aaron Copland and more.

Ediçoes CN’s intern Simon Van Honacker takes over the monthly Edições CN. He dreamt up a mix of “jonge ouders en hun kids” (recorded in Planckendael), Kempense made-up folklore (Pompoenregatta), and various musics new and old. It’s beautiful.

Ediçoes CN founder and producer Lieven Martens Moana returns with one hour of peaceful content, in-between field recording, ambient and experimental music from his personal collection, Antonio Zepeda and more along a bus ride from Mexico City to Oaxaca..

Listen back to Ediçoes CN’s Lieven Martens-Moana pursuing his voyages through sound, here with a sentimental episode including a few soft pop cuts from Italy, Brazil and Japan, and recorded memories of close and far; by Christophe Piette, Sugai Ken, and myself.

For this month’s episode I’ve compiled various projections of volcanic traces.
These are exhibited truthful, unaltered;
and are collected between Mount Epomeo and Monte Vesuvio.”

Écoutez à nouveau le premier épisode de la résidence d’Ediçoes CN, label tenu par Lieven Martens (aka Dolphins Into The Future et beaucoup d’autres alias), voyageant librement entre musique moderne, électronique naturaliste et plus.

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