Riccardo SchiroMonthlyFridays12PM - 1PM

Tune in to Riccardo Schiro's monthly Gravity Graffiti show, featuring his eponym label's works and releases, as well as a deep tour through cosmic, funk-influenced electronic and various correspondences.

Streamback Riccardo Schiro’s tribute to sicilian composer Franco Battiato. Electronic variations from synth-pop to lo-fi ambient drum tracks.

Streamback Gravity Graffiti guru Kevin Monastero playing everything between ambient, slow-fi electronics and percussive mood from here and beyond.

Listen to the latest episode of Gravity Graffiti for an hour of electronic mayhem, varying from jungle to breaks, techno and more ravy bangers.

DB.Source is in charge for the Gravity Graffity month’s show, playing an hour of dubstep, obscure bass and more industrial music.

This month’s Gravity Graffiti introduce you one hour mix from the GG Posse, including a lot of unreleased materials from the label, all live recorded during their last march session at MainOff festival.

Riccardo Schiro est de retour sur le fil pour une heure de divagation éclectique entre métal, deviant disco et noise.

Retrouver Gravity Graffity, l’émission Sicilienne présenté ce mois par Zurigo, actif membre du GG FX basé à Palerme, jouant une heure entre leftfield house, dub et autres mélodies hypnotiques.

Pour ce nouvel époside de Gravity Graffiti, Riccardo Schiro nous offre une heure enregistré de musiques industrielles enregistré à Palerme, entre drone, rhythmic-noise et synth-wave.

DB.Source est ce mois l’invité du Gravity Graffiti, jouant une éclectique sélection entre ambient, expérimental, dub ou plus encore.

Riccardo Schiro from Gravity Graffiti Records returns to our airwaves for a new transmission, featuring a selection of post-punk, industrial and synth-wave tracks.

Listen back to Gravity Graffiti with special guest DB.Source playing ambient, leftfield electro and more.

Gravity Graffiti Records founder Riccardo Schiro is back for another session of ample oscillations through electronic music.

Listen back to “one hour of pure energy” mixed Riccardo Schiro from Gravity Graffiti, from dark ambient to acid dubby style techno.

Stream back Riccardo Schiro’s Gravity Graffiti show, featuring dub classics, jungle interludes, reggaeton, dream house & more eclectic music from Liquid Liquid, Sizzla, Taffi Allstars and more.

Stream back Riccardo Schiro’s Grafity Graffiti switching traditional music to experimental electronics via Kitaro, Porter Ricks, DMX Krew & more.

Stream back Riccardo Schirò’s Gravity Graffiti picking up some exotic and tribal tunes from the actual electronic club scene, via Vakula, Mu-Ziq, Beau Wanzer & More.

Stream back Riccardo Schiro’s Gravity Graffiti show, playing various electronic music from psych-ambient to leftfield house and dubstep via Thunder Tillman, TNC6, Finis Africae and more.

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