Clique RecordsMonthlyWednesdays12PM - 1PM

Tune in to Seoul's Clique Records residency, featuring mixes and contributions from the Korean locals and record store crew 6TS & Odd J, cruising generously through all kind of musics for your hearing pleasure.

Seoul-based Clique Records returns to our airwaves, with guest Joe guiding us through this hour of Good Vibes, meandering through warm ambient, boogie, funk and more from Gaussian Curve, Guy Cuevas, Evelyn King and more.

Seoul’s Clique Records invites local collector LTFK for this month’s session, consisting in one hour of blissful Japanese jazz off all kinds, free, spiritual, funk and more for your hearing pleasure.

Listen back to Seoul’s Clique Records owners playing subtle music for this new session, including Rich La Bonté, Mkwaju Ensemble, Dennis Young and more, meandering through dub, synthy tunes and more..

The South Korean record shop Clique is back on air with the fifth installment of “Good Vibes Coming Your Way”, providing with one hour of laid-back, sensual music from Mercy Ray, Leo’s Sunship, Gil-Scott Heron and more.

Seoul’s finest records dealer Clique is back to its residency, delivering 60 minutes of good vibes via Missing Brazilians, John T. Gast, Simo Cell and more dub, breaks and tribal music.

Braindance founder and Clique Records honcho DJ 6TS takes care of this month’s “Good Vibes Coming Your Way” with a selection of jazz, soft synth-pop and various warming soundwaves…

Seoul’s Clique Records is back to deliver more good, warm vibes to you, pouring the softest dub and ambient from Thomas Leer, Izrael, Dennis Young, Michal Turtle and more.

Seoul’s Clique Records brings you Martin Zero for his second installment, delivering good, disco, boogie and synth-wave vibes through Tommy Mandel, The Klass, Tony Esposito and more.

Les patrons du disquaire coréen Clique Records basé à Séoul sont de retours pour une session entre jazz, dub et post-punk avec Trisomie 21, Angelo Ioakimoglu, Paul McCartney et plus…

Seoul’s Clique Records starts with this episode its monthly residency on our radio, delivering here a summer, soft mix of vocal sweetness, charming dub and more.

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