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Porto's sound explorers GAM. going through their personal record collection and productions as well as local friends' creations and beyond...

For this months guest, GAM are having spanish dj and composer Ondula.
Record and cassette collector based in Berlin since more than a decade, Ondula was always and is still purchasing the singularity of any sonic experimentations.
This recording is a sound collage created as a way to canalize and express the struggle of canalizing and expressing ideas. In this circular movement is where one finds out what it was hidden. Self help tapes for difficult times.

For this April show, GAM’s Pedro and Valdemar invite guest Les Giants, crossing the spaces of sound and varies depending to the solar storms, uncertain music for an equally time.

Herles Basurto presents Geograficamente Latam.
Herles Basurto is a member of the Lima-based organization Casalocasa, which offers psychedelic disco parties outside the mainstream, and they also provide a streaming platform. This selection contains only recordings made in the Spanish speaking areas of the American continent aka Latin America.

Pedro and Valdemar from G.A.M. invite Carsten Olbrich aka Herr Ebu aka Mr. Ebu, founder and owner of Ebus Music, for a special 2 hours show.
A selection of music that marked and defined the artist, on a sort of autobiographical journey, in no specific time order.

“It had been a strange morning…. it was normal, we had spent more than 10 days without separating not even a minute, I had not even been able to open the mails or look at my mobile …
It was like a vacation in my own house.
My birthday was approaching and many Lithuanians would come, some Spaniards too.
I was so nervous that I preferred to say goodbye to her,
I thought it was going to be a lot of people and I would have to dedicate a lot of time to them so that I couldn’t dedicate a lot of time to her..
So I took her to the station, we were a little disoriented, we didn’t even buy a ticket, we just got onto the first ubahn… on the way to Ostkreuz the controllers checked the train, she asked me – what do we do now?
But when I saw their faces I understood that it was impossible to convince them and there wasn’t much to do, and I was not in the mood to improvise something original.
We were fined 60eurs each, a bit dramatic ending.
We wasted a lot of time with the controllers who wanted to take me to the police station because I had no documents on me…
When we managed to get to Oskreuz , we realised that we had made a mistake… the right station was Südkreuz in the opposite direction.
We looked at each other with the face of being very pissed at ourselves. We tried to run to Südkreuz knowing that we would not arrive and that other controllers could stop us.
We arrived at Südkreuz, but the train had already left.
So she had to buy another ticket….
I had to work and she had to wait for the next train.
When I finished to work and got back home and she had left already—, there was no way back and now I was regretting it.
Sometimes I practice selft-sabotage, I am a professional of self-boycott in every aspect…
She didn’t even understand why we had decided to separate one day from my birthday, neither did I.
The Lithuanians arrived home, less than I expected and it was a very harmonious team, we went down to the keller and I made this set for Geográficamente perto, and this is the improvised radio show, because improvising is the only thing i can do, even if it didnt work earlier with controllers on the train, but with music is always easier.
The Lithuanians were in the keller… everything was perfect and quite relaxed, I was not nervous and that made me think more of how foolish I had been to let her go.
This is all the soundtrack that came to my head from all those beautiful days, in radio show format, my favorite format.
A cabaret of different pieces about those days, something I do not think it can bother anyone.
It won’t throw you off your homework whatever it is, it doesn’t have enough intensity to distract you from what you are doing, and this is exactly my concept of radio show.
But it’s triky, if you stop doing your stuff and pay all your attention to it you’ll find a very different format of the same result.
I hope you enjoy, here’s a piece of me.”

A.U.S. (Pablo Mirón) is the founder of Madrid’s streaming platform Unlocked Youth and member of the experimental music collective Real No Real. He broadcasts a monthly show at Radio Relativa, “Diving in Secrets”, where he explores the bridges between sounds though time and space. He is also memeber of the art-ambient band Banda Base. This recording is a detailed narration about the different states of mind that the young Leandro Katz experiments on a daily basis.

For this month’s episode, Pedro, 1/2 Gam, invites a friend to take care of the “Geograficamente Perto” Hour. Franklin, a British collector/selector currently living in the countryside of Catalonia, Spain, has spent the last 12 years moving around the world collecting a diverse range of records.
This selection explores the spiritual realms, with no restraint on genre, gathering records collected over the last 12 years, via modern classical, ambient, and other synth-heavy experimental tracks.

Estades, based in Madrid, Spain, member of the REAL NO REAL collective and partially responsible for The Gathering for Listening mixes on the Unlocked Youth platform. He broadcasts the bimonthly program, the East river for the Madrid online Radio Relativa. The mix varies through different sound approaches and spectrums trying to recreate a dream, sometimes dense, sometimes soft and sometimes twisted.

Portuguese duo G.A.M are back on our waves with a delicate one hour session, ranging from avant garde electronics such as Michele Mercure, to gamelan, & electroacoustic compositions from Bernard Parmegiani; and going through everything in between.

First episode of 2019, Pedro and Valdemar gather for a 2 hours esoteric and heavily psychedelic musical journey. Don’t be afraid to jump in 2019 with a modified state of consciousness!

“OK. We can grab Lisbon’s cultural history of this century up to now and point out Black as one of the engines that made the scene what it is today. Maybe you need to dig a little to discover his real name, but as co-founder of the cultural association Filho Único over a decade ago he helped to invent the life of the city as we know it. He made Gala Drop with Tiago even before we could say they were a band, he started Príncipe with others and released music Lisbon didn’t know it had. He took dance classics and made them more danceable, releasing those edits via Tiago’s Interzona 13. The march of all things led to a logical step in the life of anyone deeply committed to music: being a DJ. After the fact, Black quickly sealed his vocation and his sets are true energy discharges. Sweat, concentration and a wave of happiness we can feel at a distance.”
Words by José Moura for Interzona 13 Lux Takeover

Juan Vacas belongs to Madrid’s experimental music collective Real No Real and is part of the mix series Gathering for Listening on the Unlocked Youth platform. For this mix he crafted a jazzy sound collage with the intention of recreating how it could sound (or how he would like it to sound) if you were changing radio stations while on your daily journey to wherever you were going.

Special edition Of Geograficamente Perto entitled “Body of Light”: Pedro and Valdemar welcome Primordial OOze, member of independent collective and record label Communion, and activist in Macao, the new center of art, culture and research in Milan. This has been considered one of the most vital recent experiences of counter-culture in Europe, raised by the efforts of different groups and individuals keeping alive the fire of resistance in these darkened times.

Saturnalia is a collective gathering happening once a year through Macao’s freed spaces, joining the local forces of spiritual insurrection and reconnecting psychic explorers from all four corners of the world.
This mix takes inspiration from the alpha and the omega phase of the experience, mixing memory and desire in liquid crystals of time. Some of the tracks were edited, processed and pitched at different speeds, others were left almost untouched. The mix was recorded and edited in Macao production studio.

Today Geograficamente Perto invites Madrid local dj Uji Tanze. Pablo is in charge of Radio Relativa’s show “Ficción Romance” and also takes part in the exciting collective “Real No Real”, along other friends and artists. They organize events in their hometown that highlight the selection and feel that brings collective together. Today brings us dubby experimentarions and easy low industrial melodies.

Stream back to Portuguse duo GAM taking care of the first hour of the ride, followed by the pieace ÁGUA AO MOINHO, a collection of beats/sketches/edits by Polido.
Picking up pieces from some of his favourite figures from the 70s, words on the class struggle, the revolution and the war in that time and F16’s occupying the skies near his home and other places.

Pedro Abrantes and Valdemar Pereira return on our stream for two hours of deep listening, cruising between dronesque soundscapes, mantras, psychedelia and more…

Tune in to G.A.M.’s Geograficamente Perto, bringing exaggerated electronics from Patrick Cowley, Shit & Shine, Klaus Schultz, Nurse With Wound and more.

On March’s Geograficamente Perto edition, GAM was joined by Diana Policarpo. Diana, is a visual artist and free composer based in London And Lisbon – focusing on drawing, score, sculpture, performance and multi-channel sound installation.
First hour by hosts, followed by Diana’s part.

Pedro Abrantes & Valdemar Pereira’s GAM on a psychedelic and smooth 2 hours journey.

This month’s guest is Tendency: Porto based Tiago Carneiro, working between art and sound, finding disruptive outputs of conventional forms.

CLAUDE SPEED – Center Tech
TCF – ?
DJ GUY – Whale Song
DJ STINGRAY – Hypoalgesia
Super Heavy Metal
ERRORSMITH – Make Or Break
EXTERMINADOR – Bondage To Ideals
ULTRADYNE – Terrorista V2
CONSULATE – Zersetsung
ORPHAN101 – Disemble
BUSEN – Totti
TASE – Wait
EOD – 00h
SUGAI KEN – Kankou
ZOMBY – Static
EOD – Innsmouth
PROFESSOR X – Professor X (Saga)
SANSIBAR – Nonstop
ULTRADYNE – Cataclysm
CRU SERVERS – Deithe 2 Hansy
CVX – Zibaldone I Of CVX
MADTEO – Scream Seq. 2

Porto’s sound explorers GAM. going through their personal record collection and productions as well as local friends’ creations and beyond…
Here with music from Pregnant Spore, Deathpile, Justice Yeldham, The Qweed, Zero Kama, Kevin Drumm and more.

Italian selector and producer R. Morozov, now recently Porto based, taking the control for this episode. Here with tracks from Pharoah Sanders, Alex Zhang Hungtai, David Maranha & Gabriel Ferrandini, Orior, Loren Nerell…

Porto’s sound explorers GAM. going through their personal record collection and productions as well as local friends’ creations and beyond…

Luca Massolin is an active figure in the young generation of outsider musicians. Born in Italy, he is now living in Portugal. His sound is focused on string instruments (guitar, bass, mandolin), voice, and analog electronics. He is constantly encouraged by his fascination for the work of early electronic music pioneers, early ’70s guitar rock, as well as cosmic improvisation, minimalism, and free jazz. He is Co-founder of LAMA records and owner of 8mm Records label.

Portuguese duo GAM welcome for these two hours Lisbon based Trol2000, DJ and Radio Quantica host. Rodrigo has been linked to music since the early nineties, and in the next decade he became interested in electronic music to the point that he is now an essential artist of the portuguese music scene.
Here with tracks from Geena, Jah Wobble, Lo KIndre, YLTCU, Sun Ra Arkestra and more.

This month, hosts Pedro Abrantes and Valdemar Pereira taking care of your ears, with music from Nurse with Wound, Grüne Rosen, Elko B, John T.Gast , Frank Chickens and Çuta Kebab & Party, and more.

Porto’s exciting duo G.A.M. going through their personal rough productions as well as friends’ creations and beyond…
This month, GAM welcomes a guest mix by DJ Lynce, aka Pedro Santos. Lynce embodies both the character of the ultimate anti-DJ and of a definite “must to” within the city’s musical scene. Owner of a rather idiosyncratic record collection wich he de manipulates with an faultless technique,
Santos’s peculiarity comes from his intelligible, and almost poetic, for the club goers expectations. This method of operations has produced some really oblique and one of a kind DJ sets; sound pieces that translate to Portuguese the motto “for those who know”.
Here with tracks from Polygon, Window, MNLTH, FFF, Remarc, Railway, Raver…

Porto’s finest hardware explorers G.A.M. going through their personal rough productions as well as friends’ creations and beyond…
This episode’s guest is CVLT aka Nicolai Sarbib. Affiliated to Discos Capablanca, Nicolai is also known for having graphic work behind some labels out there. The man also runs the infamous NO IDOLS parties taking place in Lisbon. Here with music from DAF, Jah Wobble, Hosono & Yokoo, Scott Young, Frak, and more.

Porto’s exciting duo G.A.M. going through their personal rough productions as well as friends’ creations and beyond…
This month’s guest is Solution, beast dj from Porto, creator and designer of the Moderna parties, and resident dj at mighty club Passos Manuel.
Here with tracks from Billy Green, Rabih Beaini, Sote, Ron Morelli, DJ Sotofett and more…

Porto’s finest hardware explorers G.A.M. going through their personal rough productions as well as friends’ creations and beyond…
Special guest for these two hours: DJ DEALY!! Phenomenon phenomenons Porto city, co-founder and curator of LAMA Edições, today for GEOGRAFICAMENTE PERTO selecting records of OZO, Annette Peacock, Ramuntcho Matta, Frak and more!

Porto’s finest hardware explorers G.A.M. going through their personal rough productions as well as friends’ creations and beyond… first episode like an introduction to their musical background, combining deep listening tracks from Eliane Radigue, ritual music from India with industrial occurences..

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