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Off with Sonora (U.S.)-based plateform Ascetic House and its large collective presenting their bleak influences.

For the last Dommage Teknique of the season, Ascetic House invite audiovisual contemporary artist Sam Rolfe for a smashing pot-pourri of hardcore breaks and noisy bass action.

Listen back to the latest episode of “Dommage Teknique”, with Ascetic House inviting the young producer Div Pro for an hour of dancehall, trap, bass music and more.

The Ascetic House bunch returns to its Dommage Teknique residency, this month with a mix from “EDM Superstar” Baby Blue, oscillating through contemporary works, EDM, sound cut-ups and more.

Post-industrial hero, synth digger, ex-Coil and Psychic TV member, adventurous composer Drew McDowall takes care of this month’s Dommage Teknique, strap in for a proper trip through ambient, experimental, modern classical genres via Helm, Caterina Barbieri, Horoscope, Amnesia Scanner and more.

City on the mix this time, delivering a lot of unreleased between the softest prog and ambient to the noisiest mess, featuring tracks from courtesy of the Ascetic House family.

New-York based producer Shredded Nerve delivers here a very noisy session. You’ll find music from The New Blockaders, Aaron Dilloway under the Spine Scavenger moniker, Macronympha and more.

Jock Club steps up for this month’s Dommage Teknique deep-frying a pot-pourri of eerie ambient and modern breaks.

Ascetic House brings you Los Angeles-based Alex Zhang Hungtai (ex Dirty Beaches) for this month Dommage Teknique, oscillating between electro, ambient and vocal works.

Ascetic House invites Lime Lodge artist and experimental musician Omeed Norouzi for this month’s “Dommage Teknique” show, delivering one hour of a complex sound collage.

New York’s King Vision Ultra on this month’s Dommage Teknique playing a fine selection of rare awakening jazz and soul.

Los Angeles’ Ascetic House introduces Eric C. Burton aka Rabit, founder of Halcyon Veil and producer for Tri Angle, Different Circles, Ninja Tune and more.

Ligature’s taking care of this episode of Dommage Teknique, going real wide in the realms of solitude with loner folk, sinister ambient and soft-pop tunes.

Ascetic House brings you Stockholm-based composer, XKatedral artist and drone experimentalist Kali Malone for this month’s show, featuring avant-garde electronics from Eleh, Maria W. Horn, Caterina Barbieri and more.

Ascetic House brings you Jesse Sanes (aka Fejhed, JH1.FS3, Kommand and more) for this month’s episode of their residency, with a mix featuring doom, contemporary noise and traditional, trance-oriented tracks.

The Ascetic House family brings you the electro, synth-pop duo Din for this month’s episode, with an eclectic mix of vocal, contemporary electronics.

Ascetic House records bring you honcho Frederikke Hoffmeier aka Puce Mary for this month’s episode. Catch the producer’s bleak phrase, featuring tracks from noise, industrial specialists Z’EV, John Duncan, Body Sculptures and more.

Stream back Ascetic House’s second episode of Dommage Teknique, featuring a complex mix of electronics, audio-collages, and forthcoming productions from honcho Collin Fletcher.

Ascetic House honcho J.S. Aurelius starts off the collective’s residency on our station with a dense mix of post-punk, noise and experimental tracks.

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