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Diego Olivas returns with another zen move to offer, this time around it’s another hour of exceptionally rare Japanese healing music (from ambient, new age, and environmental musical styles) right in time to counteract the hectic vibes of the holiday season. Time to find your bliss…

The light to the darkness of last year’s Halloween Brit Folk Rock episode. An hour dedicated to what I consider some of England’s most pastoral autumnal folk music. A mix for sunsetting life cycles.

Diego Olivas from FOND/Sound invites the people over at PIAF (Paradise Is A Frequency) for this month’s transmission, based loosely upon our algorithmic life..

Listen to Diego Olivas’ “Guerre et Pets”, dedicated to the French listeners — and beyond. It’s an hour-long dive into nouvelle chanson française, or at least what I consider it to is, with chanteurs of all stripes uncovering that there is more depth to the classic “Chanson” ideal than is let on by the S. Gainsbourgian archetype most people know and love.

Diego Olivas from the FOND/Sound blog is back with the final episode of the season, a tough one to explain since this is music that he “picked to soundtrack an hour of lounging by the pool. Leftfield funk, watery, tropical Balearic-tinged instrumentals, and joyful, fourth world gems to keep your summer days just that much longer. Something for those warm nights in St. Tropez.”

Diego Olivas from FOND/Sound is back with a whole episode dedicated to the floating psychedelic pop music of Brazil’s Minas Gerais province, entitled “This is it: “Ruas Y Cidades: Minas Gerais Special”. Clube Da Esquina a musical icon of that state, rightfully, one of Brazil’s iconic albums. This episode digs further into that pioneering sound the members of the group created. It’s an hour exploring how much further down that unlikely mix of samba, nordeste, Brit Pop, Jazz, and American soul we can go with them. Prepare to reach for the heavens…

FOND/Sound’s Diego Olivas introduces “New Age East & West (1979-1993)”, a guest mix from Should Be Asleep, divived in two parts: One half covers the “East” with extremely rare tracks from Japanese New Age artists. The other half covers the “West” with like-minded brethren/favorites of his from the American and European rung of New Age. All of these tracks were recorded from his personal cassette and LP collection, covering some very deep record dives.

Diego Olivas from the FOND/Sound blog returns to our station with an episode entitled “Sueño Con Mexico”, giving the listeners a brief opening into summer with a springtime mix of sun-kissed, Balearic, guitar-centric instrumental ballads from unlikely sources found in New Age, jazz, fourth world and minimalist groups. It’s a love letter, of sorts, to the musical rhythms of Latin America and the tropics.

FOND/Sound collector Diego Olivas is back on air, giving you the warm and luxury you deserve, with an hour long dive into the world of sophisticated pop music (aka Sophisti-Pop). Moving on from the template created by Roxy Music’s Avalon, it is in the music of Prefab Sprout, Swing Out Sister, and other lesser known, but still as sparkling, sophisticates, we’ll revisit the suits, the cars, the aching blues of ’80s, upward mobility. Fashionable musical gems, designed to last for a lifetime, all fit together for an hour. And, oh yes, there will be sax…

Diego Olivas from FOND/Sound presents an hour long mix of breathy, sophisticated, elegant songs from chanteuses with very leftfield takes on love (in honor of the Valentine’s Day season)… Just his way to stick seriously mature, sexy songs, from all corners of the world, together in a way that keeps it steadily seductive. This one’s for the lovers out there.

Listen to the latest broadcast from Diego Olivas, a very special one, focusing on a little known, lovable Japanese Fourth World record label: AWA Muse. In the early ’90s, musicians on their roster combined African, Native American, Indian, Pacific, and Middle Eastern folk traditions, with deep vibrational, ambient electronics and Japanese environmental music. For an hour you get an overview of that special AWA Muse sound.

FOND/Sound eternal digger Diego Olivas is back with another episode, entitled “Poems Of The Five Mountains” featuring songs inspired by, and crafted with, early ’80s keyboard samplers like the Fairlight CMI, Synclavier, and E-MU Emulator. Although, the created with early, modern ideas of time-stretching, on now dated technology there’s something in them that’s emotionally timeless. It’s forward-thinking nostalgia via fragmented, spliced-together memories.

FOND/Sound founder Diego Olivas returns to our station with a Halloween special this month, entitled “A Harvest Moon”, celebrating the British folk, rock, garage scene.

Listen back to Fond/Sound’s show premiere, entitled “Pari Shōkōgun”, focusing on the “Paris Syndrome”, through Japanese musicians who show an affection and influence based in Gallic Pop music.

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