DEMO collectiveMonthly Thursdays12PM - 1PM

The multidisciplinary Lyon based collective, DEMO, aims at developing new musical sound imprints while offering artists the opportunity to create and express themselves via musical events and monthly radio broadcasts on LYL Radio. As a reaction to the homogenization of the electronic scene, DEMO wishes to put performance and experimentation at the core of its musical interpretation by putting forward local and international artists, thus allowing artists from here and abroad to elaborate and present their work within a suitable framework.

This episode is an introspective work where DIGITONICA draws up a contemporary take of her classical formation, inspired by avant garde electronics as well as 19th century romantic music.


Know V.A. are two Dutch musicians. Their work marks the new perspectives the original hardcore sound has been given by contemporary producers, remodelling the genre by adding it an experimental perspective. Know V.A music’s is a synthetic blend sticking to the core of hard music while developing a singular approach to it, in a result which could be called post-hardcore. Their mixes are a condensed reflection of their large influences drifting from new-gen dancehall and trap to hard dance.  


Artwork by @lei.1.6

Aleksei Podat is an ukrainian based artist. He explores music through an idea, a prism that a lot of people can relate to : social medias and the negative effects they have among us in the form of some kind of modern, consented slavery.  After his debut album being released on Gin & Platonic last year Aleksei recently came back with heavy material under his AAAAA alias. A mix of power electronics and neo-folk, where angelic saturated voices are intertwined with harsh, percussive sounds.

Xyn Cabal is an athenian artist, co-founder of Hypermedium records. After his early works mainly focusing on experimental music, he marks a turning point in 2019 with a first release under his Xyn Cabal moniker, via The Death Of Rave imprints. Through this new project, Timos deconstructs the grime sound by affixing it his noisy signature sound.

FARWARMTH est un producteur portugais, membre du collectif 00:NEKYIA. Moitié des projets HRNS et PURGA, Alfonso a récemment sorti son premier album sur Planet Mu intitulé “Momentary Glow”, fruit de quatre années de travail mélangeant field recording, sessions studios et jams improvisées. Entre pessimisme brut et émotions délicatement distillées, FARWARMTH développe une esthétique singulière décrivant les horizons sombres d’un futur proche.

Whiterose est un artiste pluridisciplinaire lyonnais. Repéré par Tzusing à la suite de collaborations avec CELES7E, T.R.I.S.T.A.N ou encore WULFFLUW XCIV, il est étudiant aux Beaux Arts, spécialisé dans la musique et les arts plastiques.

Whiterose développe au cours de ses travaux une esthétique industrielle agressive. Après avoir self-release son premier EP Hostility Of Nonsense en 2019, il s’est attelé à l’exploration de sonorités proches de la noise et du doom metal, dans le but de préparer un live audiovisuel entre performance d’art contemporain et show glam rock dystopique.
Il travaille également un autre live en collaboration avec l’artiste 3D XOF, ce dernier étant proche du collectif Oxy Orange pour lequel il réalise les visuels. D’autres collaborations sont à venir avec notamment Ytem et Ptwiggs. Whiterose se charge de la première émission sur LYL, diffusée le 2 avril.

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